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Hail the King Chapter 963.1

Chapter 963: Thank You for Your Service (Part One)

“This is?”

Inside the [Godly King Palace] in Sky City, Brook was slightly surprised when he saw the pigeon-egg-sized, crystalized mystical potion extract. Faint red energy flames burned around it, and Brook could sense the vast amount of energy contained in it. This man seemed to have realized something.

“Hahaha! It is a good item, especially prepared for you.” Fei switched to his Paladin character and opened the Great Prophecy Realm, engulfing Brook inside. Then, he said, “Swallow this; you will understand its effect soon.”

Brook had 100 percent trust in the king, so he took the crystalized potion extract, raised his head, and swallowed this not-so-tasty crystal.

The pigeon-egg-sized red crystal instantly melted once it entered Brook’s mouth, and it was even more magical than he had imagined. A streak of warm current rushed into his body through his throat, and it grew into a rapid river, flowing into his internal organs, limbs, and every single cell. Gradually, that warm current became heated.

Then, streaks of bright red light started to show through Brook’s muscles and skin.

Quickly, a painful expression appeared on Brook’s face, and that warmth became a burning sensation, scorching every inch of his skin as if he were on fire.

“Relax and circulate your warrior energy according to your current warrior energy channels. Don’t resist.” Fei also became serious. “It might be a bit painful, but you have to persist.”

It was much more than painful.

Although Brook hadn’t been on the frontline and wasn’t injured for a while, he was a tough man who had strong willpower. Also, he had taken [Hulk Potion] since long ago, and his mind was as tough as steel while his body was sturdy. Despite all that, his face was almost distorted under severe pain. Giant, bean-sized sweat drops rolled down his skin that was exposed in the air, and he clenched his teeth forcefully while a series of deep roars sounded from his throat as if he were an injured beast.

Fei instantly strengthened his Paladin character’s realm.

The power of the Great Prophecy Realm started to come into effect, and the thick, liquid-like golden holy power rushed into Brook’s body continuously, helping him suppress that streak of energy inside his body and barely keeping his body together. With the help of Fei’s realm, the terrifying energy contained in the crystalized potion extract didn’t explode Brook’s body, and the latter experienced less pain.

The holy power of the Paladin excelled in healing, and Fei’s Paladin character was now already a demi-god. Even though this was the case, he still couldn’t fully suppress the energy of the potion extract in Brook’s body; it went to show how terrifying this red crystalized potion extract was.

The energy inside this crystalized potion extract was worthy of Fei’s investment. To create this item, Fei spent a lot of time and energy on studying [Demon King’s Sword] and [Demon King’s Wisdom], and he almost used all the godly herbs that he collected from the Core Region of the Mythical Palace in the last trip. With all that investment, Fei created this crystalized potion extract with some luck.

“AHHHHHH!” Brook finally couldn’t hold still and roared in pain.

As soon as he opened his mouth, a streak of burning red energy rushed out and made crackling noises, making it look like Brook was spitting out a fire.

In the end, his entire body was engulfed in the red, eye-piercing light.

Vaguely, Fei saw that Brook’s skin cracked up like a dried riverbed and was filled with thin red lines that looked like spider webs. It seemed like this man was going to shatter at any moment.

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