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Hail the King Chapter 963.2

Chapter 963: Thank You for Your Service (Part Two)

Fei didn’t dare to underestimate the power of the crystalized potion extract and fully unleashed the realm of the Paladin, suppressing the energy in Brook’s body and balancing the conflict between Brook’s warrior energy and this streak of energy.

This process lasted an entire afternoon.

Five hours later, the red light enveloping Brook finally died down, and the heat energy in the area was sucked back into his body through his mouth like a giant whale inhaling water in the ocean.

After a quick glimpse, it seemed like he just crawled out of a pool of mud and a mountain of charcoal dust. A thick black shell formed around him, making him look like a black porcelain doll.


As a crisp cracking noise sounded, a thin crack suddenly appeared on the black shell outside Brook’s body.

Like the first piece in a series of dominoes, a series of cracking noises sounded after the first noise, and the black shell shattered and fell like a broken eggshell, revealing Brook underneath.

In the end, all the black shell fell off and piled up around Brook, and a powerful life energy gradually radiated from Brook’s body.

“Hahaha! It is a success!” Fei’s slightly nervous face finally showed a relieving smile.

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At this moment, Brook was clear about what took place as he had sensed the unbelievable changes that occurred in his body. He got excited, and he instantly kneeled on the ground after a moment of freezing. “Thank you for your gift, Your Majesty!”

After digesting the crystalized potion extract, Brook detected that the life energy in his body increased more than ten times, and his stamina was on another level! The warrior energy that was circulating in his body turned to the liquid form from gas form, moving around like a rapid river. Also, he felt like his body was filled with power, and he could shatter the ground with a stomp and tear the sky by reaching out his hands.

His strength skyrocketed from Six-Star to low-tier Half-Moon; it was unimaginable!

Fei laughed out loud.

“Please get up. In the last two years, you have served this kingdom diligently. You spent a lot of time and energy on the management of the military, and you had to neglect your cultivation strength. Your strength and talent were both above Pierce and Drogba, but they had become masters of two Golden Saint Mountains out of 12 behind Chambord City. The growth of your strength had stagnated. Even though you aren’t resentful and never complained, I can’t let my most trusted assistant be wronged. I spent more than a month to create this potion extract with many rare materials, and it is specially made for you. I did many experiments before I gave it to you. Despite its aggressive effect, it wouldn’t deplete all your potential. Now that your strength has skyrocketed, you still can walk further on the path of cultivation. This is the payment that Chambord owes you for your two years of diligent and selfless sacrifice for the kingdom.”

While Fei said that, he helped Brook to stand up and lightly patted the latter’s shoulder.

“Thank you for your service,” the king added.

Brook was very touched.

This tough man, who never changed his expression when he faced sharp blades, got emotional, and tears filled his eyes.

Brook knew that the ‘many experiments’ that the king mentioned meant that Fei used this potion extract on himself. In fact, before the king gave any potions or cultivation techniques to his subordinates, he always tested them on himself many times and made sure that they were safe. This was almost a public secret in the upper-circle of Chambord, and it was one of the reasons why many people were willing to die for the king.

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