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Hail the King Chapter 964.1

Chapter 964: The Eleventh Gold Saint (Part One)

Many things that seemed insignificant and trivial thoroughly demonstrated this young king’s charisma.

Outside Chambord, many people believed that the source of the King of Chambord’s unparalleled reputation and control inside his kingdom came from his insanely powerful strength. They were all wrong.

Fei’s indescribable charisma was the reason why so many geniuses and masters were willing to follow the king and serve him until death.

“Since your strength has reached the requirement that I set before, I can coronate you and make you a Gold Saint.” Fei looked at Brook and said to him with a smile.

Then, the king activated one of the three miraculous skills – [Give].

Fei’s voice suddenly became sacred and majestic, sounding like a giant bell that echoed on its own. “As the King of Chambord, I now coronate you and make you the Gold Saint of Libra, and you will represent justice and fairness, becoming the figure that other Gold Saints should look up to. Like a scale, you will weigh the actions of all officials of Chambord and determine their promotions and demotions!”

Now, Brook finally understood the king’s good intentions.

The 12 spots for the Gold Saints were already announced long ago, and many warriors of Chambord worked toward them and wanted to become one. Seeing his peers all becoming Gold Saints, Brook was a little envious even though he didn’t show it.

However, for a long time, he had to spend most of his energy on managing the kingdom and taking care of things for Chambord. Unlike people such as Pierce and Drogba who could focus all their time on cultivation, Brook’s available time for cultivation was greatly suppressed. As a result, he wasn’t able to reach Moon-Class after several years.

To Brook’s surprise, the king saw all this and granted his wish today.

In the next moment, a golden chest that was engraved with the constellation symbol of Libra descended from the sky and landed before Brook.

At this moment, Brook felt a blood connection to the chest. Next, the sky outside the palace suddenly dimmed and became dark. Then, many stars brightened up in the nightly sky, forming a large image of Constellation Libra. Every single star in the constellation shot down a streak of starlight, and they all merged into Brook’s body.

The spot for the Gold Saint of Libra was finally claimed, and one of the empty Gold Saint Mountains got an owner.

As if it were corresponding to this, the Gold Saint Mountain of Libra behind Chambord suddenly shot out tens of thousands of streaks of light, looking like it was welcoming its master.

After the quick phenomenon, the sky returned to normal. The sun reappeared in the sky, and everything was bright again.

After Brook left, Fei finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Helping Brook achieve Moon-Class also accomplished one of Fei’s goals.

Out of the 12 Gold Saints, 11 of them were already in place; there were Taurus Drogba, Capricornus Pierce, Leo Lampard, Aries Dessler, Gemini Inzagi, Sagittarius Torres, Scorpio Cech, Libra Brook, Aquarius Robbin, and Pisces Akinfeev. Among them, Lampard who seemed to have a bug of his own had already reached low-tier Sun-Class, and the others were all at peak Half Moon. These ten people represented the top-level combat force of Chambord excluding Fei, Elena, Hazel Bank, and the people of [Black-Cloth Shrine].

[TL Note: In the raw, the author said that Dessler is now the Gold Saint of Virgo. I changed it back to Aries so that it is in line with the previous assignment.]

Now, only Cancer Constellation and Virgo Constellation weren’t assigned, but Fei had already found suitable candidates. Once these two people reached Moon-Class, they would be coronated.

By then, all 12 Gold Saints would be complete, and it would satisfy Fei’s biggest hidden joke since he came to this world.

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  1. Gibz

    Oleg = cancer
    Pierce = capricorn


    Did they got demoted?

  2. How does the author forget about Oleg and Pierce?

    • Oleg is probably too weak be an official gold saint at this point, and Pierce is added to the chapter. I had a mistake, sorry about that.

  3. 大君Teiou

    Thx for the chapter?

  4. Kato X

    Something weird is happening here,becuase at LNMTL says that there is eleven,so either one or the other,but someone made a mistake,here is the quote about the ELEVEN golden saints.

    “Now Twelve Golden Saint Seiya had the Eleven position homing, Taurus Constellation Drogba, Capricorn Constellation Pierce, Leo Constellation Lampard, Cancer Constellation bootlicker Oleg and Virgo Constellation Deisler, Gemini Constellation Inzaghi, Sagittarius Constellation Torres, Scorpio Constellation Cech, Libra Constellation Brook, Aquarius Constellation Robben, Pisces Constellation Akinfeev is best, the strength above Half Moon Level Peak, has been in BUG rank leveling condition Lampard, is Great Sun Level Honorable Position Low Step, these ten people are Chambord City now the strength of most high-end.”

    • I’m sure that there are 12 Gold Saints. It is mentioned in the first paragraph of what you quoted as well.

      • Kato X

        I know the’re 12 Gold Saints in total,but here it says that there is already 10 Golden saints and 2 spots left,but at LNMTL says that there are 11 Saints already and there is only one spot left,and if we think about,it makes sense that there is 11 golden saints,because Pierce and Oleg are also Golden Saints,so in total they are 11 saints(1.Lampard – Leo,2.Drogba – Taurus,3.Pierce – Capricorn,4.Oleg – Cancer,5.Dessler – Virgo,6.Inzaghi – Gemini,7.Torres – Sagittarius,8.Cech – Scorpio,9.Brook – Libra,10.Robben – Aquarius and 11.Akinfeev – Pisces)and there is one spot left.Anyway,thank you very much for translating this novel.

        • I think you are right. I went to the raw and checked it. I have corrected the chapter; thanks for the note.

  5. Fimbulwinter

    He should make Susan the Virgo saint. She’s literally a virgin maiden after all haha

  6. Bbg55

    I think Oleg would’ve made a better Libra, being in charge of the prisoners and all that

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