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Hail the King Chapter 964.2

Chapter 964: The Tenth Gold Saint (Part Two)

After helping Brook, Fei only had to worry about Head Minister Bast.

Unfortunately, Fei’s father-in-law wasn’t passionate about cultivation and the spots of Gold Saints. Also, Fei didn’t want his father-in-law to become someone who would fight on the frontline, so he didn’t use the same trick.

According to plan, Fei would now try to figure out ways to help his father-in-law to prolong his lifespan and maintain his good health. This classic old noble was most interested in these two things.

In the next ten days or so, Fei stayed in Chambord City.

During this time, since the latest military operation, the expedition to the Anji Empire, had succeeded, the Royal Family of Zenit sent dozens of envoys to Chambord and rewarded Fei with a lot of money and many titles, showing the Royal Family’s great trust in this Imperial Martial Saint. Now, Fei’s status and fame inside the Zenit Empire were above everyone else except Emperor Yassin.

However, Fei didn’t care about these intangible titles.

Despite all this, the largest trees in the forest will still be blown harder on by the wind. This idiom held true in every world.

It was heard that quite a few people attacked Fei’s character in St. Petersburg. They stated that the Chambord Kingdom’s strength was growing too fast and far surpassed the limit that Zenit imposed on affiliated kingdoms. Others said that Fei’s ‘self-proclaimed’ title of Human Emperor of the North showed his wild ambition and desire for treason. These people asked the Royal Family to restrict Chambord’s power and be on guard.

For a moment, the request for Fei to drop the title as the King of Chambord and solely function as the Imperial Martial Saint appeared again, and many nobles now supported it.

Fei only laughed when he heard these attacks.

Why would dragons listen to and mind the insults of ants?

Of course, if some people were determined to realize this request and started to cause real trouble and step over the line, Fei didn’t mind running another bloody cleaning operation.

Right now, Fei was already a demi-god through two of his seven characters, and no one in Zenit could suppress him. Although he had no intention of rebelling, he wouldn’t allow clowns to insult him with accusations that were over the line.

At the same time, information came from the direction of the Capital of Anji.

Cain and Akara didn’t encounter any danger in the sealed space, but their research progress wasn’t that fast. The godly blood chains weren’t an issue anymore, and the two had some preliminary thoughts about how to strengthen the seals. In addition, they decoded most of the laws of time inside the giant stone eggs.

However, they couldn’t reverse the laws of time and create a small world with an inverse ratio where time passed slower in the small world compared to the real world.

Fei didn’t urge these two mad scientists. He was sure that the crazy obsession these two old monsters had toward difficult problems was enough to make them neither sleep nor eat.

The good thing was that these two old monsters from Diablo World seemed to have unlimited stamina and didn’t know anything about fatigue. If not, Fei would have captured them every day and forced them to rest.

This time, Cain and Akara seemed to be more understanding.

Perhaps they guessed that Fei was feeling anxious inside, they sent about a dozen of their most trusted apprentices to start the preliminary process of the Mystical Gold Armor Creation Project in Chambord’s arsenal. Although these apprentices couldn’t complete this insane project, they could engrave the runes on the inside of the armor, saving a lot of time and shortening the manufacturing process.

Like a precise, well-oiled machine, Chambord was working day and night.

Fei was doing the same.

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  3. Borna Smojver

    However, they couldn’t reverse the laws of time and create a small world with an inverse ratio where time passed slower in the small world compared to the real world.

    Shouldn’t this be faster? Why would he want time to pass slower in the small world, and not to mention that it’s already slower inside. I don’t know if the author made a mistake abd how much you wish to correct but i have to point this out.

    Also proof that time already is slower inside:

    Fei was confused. “I only stayed there for about one hour; why are you so anxious?”

    The smile on Hazel Bank’s face froze, and he asked, “What did you say? How long?”

    “Only one hour.” Fei was confused, but his intuition told him that something was off as well.

    “However, I have waited for you out here for a day.” Hazel Bank’s expression told Fei that the Undead Mage wasn’t joking.

  4. After 12 Gold Saint, he should make the Silver Saints and Black Saints, Athena and Artemis!! [Artemis is the Goddess of the Moon and Hunting, and the elder sister of Athena] ahahaha 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

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