Chapter 965: The News That Shocked the Continent (Part One)

The chaos that was happening on the continent made the king feel an even stronger sense of danger.

In the next while, Fei focused most of his time on increasing the strength of both Chambord and himself.

Of course, Fei also agreed to all the requests of the Royal Family of Zenit that weren’t too much, and he sent out mages and blacksmiths of Chambord to help the Royal Family create magic weapons and war machines.

Dwarf Clan’s Last Ancestral Place under the Sky City was also used; Fei had turned it into an enormous practice battlefield. The king had organized the Last Ancestral Place and moved all the corpses and broken weapons. Then, all the godly runes on the walls and ceiling were restored, and this giant space was divided into ten independent fields. Each field contained demons and monsters that Fei summoned from Diablo World using experiment points, and they ranged from Star-Level to Moon-Class, offering varieties and different difficulties to the challengers.

Every day, many soldiers of Chambord were teleported to this place.

Under the watch of masters who could guarantee their safety, the soldiers battled with the demons and monsters, obtaining experience in fighting with non-human opponents.

Fei had a feeling that in this chaotic world, this type of combat experience was going to help Chambord one day.

Except for that, Fei still spent a lot of time in the space inside the central godly mountain below the [Godly King Palace], and he used the Mythical Altar to purify all the energy of the remaining Worldstones that he had.

After several of his characters passed Hell Mode Diablo World, Fei had gotten several Normal Mode, Nightmare Mode, and Hell Mode Worldstones. Through purifying these energy sources that were stained by Hell power, Sky City obtained a ton of energy. Six golden lotus plants were fully blooming in the square pond inside the [Godly King Palace]. The terrifying functions of this ancient fortress were gradually recovering.

During the process of purifying the Worldstones, the mysterious stone pillar in Fei’s body, which was the Scepter of Creation, also absorbed a ton of pure energy from the Worldstones. However, summoning it still consumed a lot of energy. With Fei’s spirit energy level, he could barely summon it once a day.

This mysterious stone pillar was named the Scepter of Creation, which was a stunning title. It must have a shocking background, and Fei couldn’t wait for the day when he could fully control this mystical treasure.

Time slowly passed in the busyness, but it was fast for the people involved.

Finally, one month later, Fei pushed his Sorceress character to Hell Mode level 100, and he shifted his focus onto his Amazon character.

This was the last class in Diablo World that hadn’t reached Hell Mode level 100 yet.

Now, Fei was getting closer and closer to the point where all seven of his characters passed Diablo World, and he hoped that there would be a grand surprise reward.

Also, Fei’s spirit energy had reached level 2,500, and he was now able to stay in Diablo World for 20 hours a day. As a result, his speed of leveling up got even faster.

Before too long, Fei was sure that he could increase his spirit energy even further and achieve the maximum allowance of 24 hours a day. If that happened, people from [Rogue Encampment] such as Elena, Akara, and Cain could stay in the real world for 24 hours a day as well! They could make this place their second home.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, a new year arrived.

On the first day of the new year, a beam of blue light shot down from the sky after Fei exited Diablo World; he hadn’t even gotten the chance to spend some loving time with his wives.

It was a hummingbird that was here to deliver important information.

In the Capital of Anji, the two mad scientists finally decoded the laws of time inside the mysterious giant stone eggs after working overtime for a long while. More importantly, they finally found a way to strengthen the godly blood chains and empower the seals on the demons.

Fei was thrilled!

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