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Hail the King Chapter 965.2

Chapter 965: The News That Shocked the Continent (Part Two)

These giant sealed stone eggs that were about to break were like huge stones that were weighing on Fei’s mind.

Without question, if more demons of Hell escaped from the seals, the various empires in the Northern Region were going to be affected first. The Zenit Empire and the Chambord Kingdom weren’t too far from the Anji Empire, so they would definitely be affected once that happened. Therefore, Fei had to think of a way to strengthen the seals. Even if he couldn’t exterminate all those demons of Hell, he could delay when they could break out of the stone eggs, buying precious time for Chambord to get stronger and more powerful.

After reading this message, Fei was going to rush to the Anji Empire right away.

At this moment, a series of red light dashed down from the sky. In the blink of an eye, more than ten hummingbirds dragged long, red-light tails and flew toward Fei like meteors.

Fei’s expression changed drastically.

Red hummingbirds represented the most urgent matters.

Usually, it was rare to see the [Letter Office] use red hummingbirds to deliver information. However, more than ten red hummingbirds were used today. It meant that super important events that concerned the Chambord Kingdom, or the entire continent, had taken place. From the number of red hummingbirds, there were more than one of such incidents.

Flutter! Flutter!

The hummingbirds all landed on Fei’s shoulders and arms while their chirped and intimately rubbed their heads on Fei.

Fei quickly took off the storage rings from their necks and grabbed the letters in them. After opening and reading them, his expression changed color as a light flashed in his eyes. He stood there quietly and was greatly shocked.

When it was the 1,000th year in the Human Era on the Azeroth Continent, a phenomenon occurred, and the War of Frankfurt happened in the Southern Region of Azeroth. Later in history, the historians called the War of Frankfurt [The Beginning of Chaos].

Although the scale of this war wasn’t that big, it was significant enough to be clearly recorded in the history of the continent. This was the first war that humans, who had the dominating position on the continent for 1,000 years, fought with another race.

When it was the beginning of the new year, the level 3 Frankfurt Empire in the Southern Region of Azeroth was hosting a nation-wide celebration. Suddenly, it was raided by a powerful force, and this empire was wiped out in one night. Tens of millions of people were killed or enslaved, and the Royal Family of Frankfurt didn’t survive. Hundreds of royal masters fell, and even the Guardian of Frankfurt, Sun-Class Lord Cha Bum-Kun, was killed.

Afterward, the adjacent empires did their investigation, and all evidence pointed to the Goblin Clan which had disappeared for more than 1,000 years. The Goblin Clan was the mysterious force that wiped out the Frankfurt Empire!

All the humans had a hard time understanding why this race, that was proven to be extinct and left no trace in more than 1,000 years, suddenly appeared on the Azeroth Continent without warning and had the strength to wipe out a level 3 empire instantly?

Also, after sifting through all the debris, it seemed like the Goblin Clan had a great understanding of human society and power dynamics. This was a premeditated and well-executed raid. They instantly wiped out a level 3 empire, and all the movements were planned and coordinated perfectly, not giving the people of Frankfurt the chance to react nor the empires around Frankfurt the chance to help.

Where did the goblins come from?

How many goblins were there?

After thousands of years, did this race that had disappeared for a long time still have the power it used to and could dominate over a region?

What kind of attitude did they have toward humans? Enemies? Or was there room for negotiation?

Why did they pick the Frankfurt Empire as their target?

Did goblins want to dominate the entire continent?

All these questions and mysteries splashed into human society like a handful of salt getting dropped into a pot of boiling oil. Instantly, the Azeroth Continent that was full of wars fell into a state of uncontrollable chaos.

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