Chapter 966: The Crazy Goblin Clan (Part One)

What kind of a race were the goblins?

In the last 1,000 years, humans on the continent held different beliefs.

Some people were stubborn and stuck with the name, saying that goblins were dirty, stupid, weak, yet evil. They believed that these tiny and fragile creatures who had green skin were selfish, cunning, and cruel. They thought that these creatures lived in caves or underground as big groups, and that they didn’t wear clothes, ate raw flesh, and drank blood like savages.

However, others went another route. By reading ancient documents and poetry, they had different perceptions of what goblins were like. These people believed that goblins were smart, and they were born inventors, alchemists, or merchants. Although they weren’t strong individually, they had an unparalleled magic civilization. The legendary Goblin Magic Cannons and Goblin Zeppelins were their signature creations.

The people who held these two different beliefs argued for centuries, but the appearance of this clan put a perfect ending to this discussion.

It turned out that the second group of people were correct.

The goblins demonstrated immense strength in the War of Frankfurt. They had an unparalleled magic civilization, and there were terrifying scenes where tens of thousands of magic cannons shot out energy beams and many zeppelins blocked out the sun and sky. Besides, goblin wolf-riders formed legions, and they were natural kings when fighting in forests and on mountains! These small creatures perfectly combined with wolves, and they dominated on the battlefield.

By using these terrifying war weapons, the goblins who suddenly appeared on the Azeroth Continent showcased terrifying power, and they instantly destroyed a human empire.

In the beginning, many human masters and mercenary groups still dreamed about getting rich off these goblins. They ventured into the territory of the former Frankfurt Empire, waiting to capture some goblins and seize a few zeppelins and magic cannons.

In the Chaos Era, the war weapons that could allow ordinary soldiers to kill Star-Level Warriors and Mages were alluring. A magic cannon or a delicately-made zeppelin created by the goblins could be sold for a lot of money.

Humans treated this race that suddenly appeared as a soft wallet, and everyone wanted to squeeze out sweet juice from them.

However, the cruel reality hammered the excited humans in the head.

More than a dozen Sun-Class Lords were killed inside the territories claimed by the goblins, four out of the top 20 mercenary groups in the Southern Region were wiped out, and the Hertha Empire and the Borussia Empire that were beside the Frankfurt Empire were conquered.

Then, humans dropped their arrogance that they had developed after dominating the continent for 1,000 years, and they started to view this race in a serious light.

From the most recent information, it showed that with the most conservative estimate, there were at least 1,000,000 goblins.

This was an incredible number! From zero to 1,000,000! This shocked many people! If there were at least 1,000,000 goblins, they couldn’t have hidden anywhere on the continent without being discovered by humans in more than 1,000 years. In other words, many people believed that there might be other worlds and realms outside the Azeroth Continent. Otherwise, how could all these goblins live on Azeroth Continent without being noticed for so long?

Also, additional information from the frontline showed that 1,000,000 goblins were only the soldiers in the herald legions. The number of goblins that humans knew of skyrocketed by the day.

In less than a month, the cannons and guns of the goblins and the goblin wolf-riders conquered five human empires, and they killed and enslaved many humans like bloody locusts, destroying human civilizations.

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