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Hail the King Chapter 966.2

Chapter 966: The Crazy Goblin Clan (Part Two)

Without a doubt, the cruelty of goblins raised humans’ guard and hatred toward them.

The human empires that were in wars in the Southern Region quickly stopped, and the level 9 Bayern Empire promptly reached an agreement with rising empires such as Ormand and Leverkusen. Then, they started to plan their revenge on goblins.

At the same time, some human forces in the Eastern Region and Western Region also joined the Anti-Goblin Alliance. Although the Southern Regional Church of the Holy Church didn’t declare war against goblins, they sent many priests and holy knights to join the alliance. Also, the three Holy Knight Legions of the Southern Regional Church, [Spear of Judgment], [Honor], and [Redemption], were making many moves, and it seemed like they were getting ready for war.

The craziness and aggressiveness of goblins enraged the prideful humans.

A great war was imminent.

The appearance of other races made the situation on the Azeroth Continent even more turbid and chaotic.

Fei was planning to go to the Southern Region and check out this legendary race that had disappeared for thousands of years.

However, after considering that the Southern Region was quite far away, and he still had many things to take care of, Fei had to suppress his desire that was similar to a bumpkin who wanted to see pandas in the zoo. Then, he rushed to the Capital of Anji right away and entered the mysterious sealed space, getting ready to strengthen the seals on the giant stone eggs.

“Huh? So simple?”

After hearing the method of strengthening the seals from Cain, the king was greatly surprised and didn’t know what to say.

“Yeah, this simple,” Cain said impatiently, “The godly blood can automatically seal demons. Therefore, with enough supply of power, the seals on these stone eggs will increase in strength; nothing else needs to be changed. Of course, the only requirement is that the energy injected must be accepted by the godly blood. In a sense, only bright energy with godly power can strengthen the seals. The godly blood will reject all other forms of energy.”

“Since it is so simple, how come you guys spent so much time on it?” Fei asked casually.

However, Cain jumped up like a cat that got its tail stepped on, and he roared in anger, “What do you know? You are only a half-*ssed professional! This is godly blood! Do you think it is easy to research the power of the gods as mortals? Don’t you know that this simple answer is supported by complicated theories and had to be tested many times?”

After saying that, Cain left in anger and continued to research the laws of time inside the broken giant stone eggs.

Fei got cussed at for no reason, and he was confused.

At this moment, Drogba got close to him and whispered, “Professor Cain seemed to have been arguing with Professor Akara about the theories regarding the alteration of the laws of time inside the giant sealed eggs. After all, they had completely opposing views. However, in the end, it seemed like Professor Cain was wrong after they ran some experiments. Therefore… eh… his mood isn’t too well these days.”

The king instantly laughed out loud.

Now that he understood the situation, he could imagine the scene where Akara mercilessly mocked and ‘verbally abused’ the poor Cain.

“Haha! No wonder! After being mocked by Akara, Cain’s ‘menopause’ probably even came earlier! No wonder it seems like Cain ate TNT!”

After putting this small incident aside, Fei started to strengthen the power of the seals on these giant eggs.

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