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Hail the King Chapter 967.1

Chapter 967: Resolve It Through Combat (Part One)

First, Fei was going to deal with the five giant sealed eggs that were going to break soon.

Radiant energy with godly power was required to strengthen the seals, and this wasn’t difficult for Fei. His Paladin character already reached the Demi-God Realm, and the holy power was the brightest energy in the world. Therefore, all the criteria were met.

“Fist of the Heavens!”

While using the skills of the Paladin, Fei opened his Great Prophecy Realm. Streaks of golden light beams dashed down from the sky and struck this giant sealed egg which had a diameter of about 30 kilometers. Golden ripples started to appear on the surface of the giant egg, and the golden runes engraved on the godly blood chains began to blink and flash, absorbing all the energy from [Fist of the Heavens].

As if a wasp nest got stirred, the godly blood chains that were neatly organized suddenly started to move around as if they were crazy snakes. While golden and blood-red lights flashed, godly blood chains wrapped around the sealed egg tightly, looking as if giant pythons were tightening their grip on their enemies.

“Ah! Damn it! Who is it on the outside? How dare you ruin my business? I’m the great Joey Barton!”

Suddenly, a surge of tsunami-like spirit energy rushed out of the giant sealed egg, and it sounded like an ancient, vicious beast was roaring. Torres and Drogba who were standing further away were unprepared for this, and they were blown away for about 100 meters! This simple roar showed how powerful this demon was! After all, these two men were all Moon-Class Elites.

“Stop! Stop immediately! Otherwise, I will curse you with the power of Hell. Ah… No!”

Fei was unaffected under the threat of this mighty spirit energy surge, and he continued to apply his holy power without stopping. Golden light beams fell from the sky, looking like many lightning bolts, and they all struck onto the giant sealed egg as the power contained in [Fist of the Heavens] was too high.

The dim godly blood chains around this giant sealed egg became crystal-like and shiny at visible speed, and a significant amount of vitality could be sensed from it. As these chains continued to tighten around this giant seal egg, this egg that had a diameter of 30 kilometers shrunk in size by one-third.

Soon, the crazy roars empowered by spirit energy couldn’t penetrate the giant sealed egg, so Fei and others could barely hear it.

The first giant sealed egg was taken care of! The seal on it was strengthened!

As if they sensed the fate of their peer, the other giant sealed eggs started to shake inside the sealed space.

Fei’s face changed color, and he didn’t dare to waste time. After chugging down a few bottles of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] and recovered his Paladin character’s stamina and mana, he looked for the next target to seal.

This process repeated several times.

When Fei got to the fifth giant sealed egg that was about to break, one full day had passed. Even though Fei was a demi-god, he sensed strong fatigue that was coming from the depths of his soul. The skills from Diablo World didn’t have cooldowns; Fei could use them as many times as he wanted if he had enough mana. That was the only reason why Fei could strengthen the seals on four giant sealed eggs in one day without stopping. If there were a powerful priest of the Holy Church here whose power was stronger than Fei’s, this person wouldn’t be able to strengthen the seals on so many giant sealed eggs in one day.

Standing further away, Torres and Drogba stared at the king as if they were looking at a monster.

Right now, they were all powerful masters who could dominate over regions. However, as they grew more powerful and obtained a deeper understanding of the path of cultivation, the king became more and more terrifying in their eyes.

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