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Hail the King Chapter 967.2

Chapter 967: Resolve It Through Combat (Part Two)

Fei wasn’t sure if it were his illusions, when he got to the fifth giant sealed egg that was about to break, this giant thing in front of him slightly shivered in fear, anger, and hatred.

In the next moment, just when he was about to open his realm and used [Fist of the Heavens], a series of dominant streaks of violent spirit energy rushed out of the fifth giant sealed egg. As if the water on the other side of a dam broke loose, the fierce spirit energy dashed in all directions.

At this moment, a series of cracking noises could be heard.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The faint, cracking noises sounded terrifying in this silent sealed space! As if hammers were striking their hearts, Fei and others became extremely nervous.

Right now, the cracks on the stone-like surface of the fifth giant sealed egg quickly grew in size, and the godly blood chains were breaking down one after another. The golden godly runes on these chains dimmed at visible speed, and they quickly disappeared.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Streaks of ink-like black mist jetted out of the giant sealed egg through the cracks.

“No! The seal is about to break!” Fei’s heart sunk into his stomach, and he turned around and said to Torres and Drogba, “Leave here and protect Professor Cain and Akara! Don’t let the black mist touch them!”

As soon as he said that, the king opened his Great Prophecy Realm and used [Fist of the Heavens]. Many golden lightning bolts dashed down from the sky, striking onto the giant sealed egg and creating a sea of lightning energy.

At the same time, Fei used the power of laws in his realm.

“God said that everything broken will recover, all evil will dissipate, and all darkness will be washed away by light!”

Under the illumination of the golden light of the realm, the cracks on the giant sealed egg quickly started to disappear. Also, the golden light of the realm destroyed all the black mist that was jetting out of the egg through the cracks. The power of the realm was completely showcased! Inside the Great Prophecy Realm, Fei’s words were the laws of nature. Like the most accurate prophecy, whatever he said, it would be realized in the next second.

However, with his demi-godly strength, his realm could only cover an area of 2,000 meters around him, engulfing a small portion of this giant sealed egg that had a diameter of 40 kilometers; he couldn’t completely stop this egg from breaking.

In the places where the golden light of the realm couldn’t reach, the cracks got bigger and bigger, and black mist came out of the egg. This black mist was highly corrosive. After enveloping the godly blood chains, a series of terrifying and disgusting hissing noises sounded, and those chains broke at a faster speed.

“No! The seal is going to be completely broken!”

Fei got anxious, and he opened his golden realm as wide as he could. The vast dem-godly power radiated outward like a flood, but this giant sealed egg was too big. It was impossible to engulf it completely.

The demon of Hell inside this sealed egg clearly sensed the danger that was approaching, so it used a technique which consumed its core energy, wanting to get out of this giant sealed egg before Fei could strengthen the seal.

Now, it seemed like this demon was near being successful. The cracks on the giant sealed egg grew larger, and the black mist already covered more than half of the egg. Many godly blood chains were breaking at the same time under the powerful corrosion.

“No… it is too late…”

Fei was decisive, and he instantly stopped trying to strengthen the seal.

Then, he pulled away, chugged down a bottle of [Full Rejuvenation Potion], and adjusted his state to his prime. Next, he summoned the [Immortal King] Item Set.

With [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] in hand, Fei waited while concentrating his energy. Since he couldn’t stop this demon from coming out, he was going to resolve it through combat.

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