Chapter 968: Is He Already A Man Who Makes Demons Flee? (Part One)

In the blink of an eye, a series of stone-breaking noises sounded, and the endless black mist quickly dispersed into the air as if someone threw ink droplets into a bowl of clean water. The thick evil sensation was suffocating.

The crack on the giant sealed egg grew even bigger! It was already 5,000 meters long and more than 1,000 meters wide!

More and more black mist rushed out of the egg through the crack like lava shooting out of an erupting volcano.

“Human, you will pay for your actions!”

An angry roar sounded from the crack, and two red light beams pierced the screen-like black mist, looking like two sharp swords.

Then, through the thick black mist, Fei vaguely saw a giant figure that was more than 1,000 meters tall crawling out of the crack. Those two red light beams were shot out of its eyes!

“According to the historical records, the 72 demons of Hell were the most vicious and cruel masters in the Mythical Era, and they easily held grudges and wouldn’t stop unless they took revenge. Also, they frequently devoured people’s souls as treats. Among the 72 demons, the most powerful few had reached the True God Realm. I wonder which demon this one is? However, judging from the size of this giant sealed egg, this demon of Hell should be closer to the bottom of the 72 demons in terms of strength. After being sealed for thousands of years, how much of its strength is left?”

Right now, Fei suddenly wasn’t as nervous as before, and he continuously thought back to the legends about the demons of Hell, trying to find their weaknesses to obtain the upper hand in the upcoming battle.

This demon that was more than 1,000 meters tall finally got out of the giant sealed egg.

Although the space was already filled with black evil mist, Fei’s eyes were still as sharp as lightning. After he concentrated his energy into his eyes, he could see the surroundings clearly. This giant demon had the body of a leopard but the head of a bull; two huge horns could be seen on its forehead. While it breathed through its bloody mouth, clouds of highly corrosive black mist gushed out.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

It seemed like this sealed space was even being corroded by this black mist, and it was going to shatter at any time.

This demon’s eyes were completely red, and they didn’t have irises or pupils. Therefore, its eyes looked like the openings on two volcanos that were about to erupt. It was evident that terrifying power was hidden in this demon.

Perhaps it was due to the long time that it was sealed inside the giant egg, this demon looked thin and malnourished. Its body was covered by long black hair, and some green moss could be seen on its fur as well. Some parts of its skin already turned to stone, and stone pieces fell off every time it moved.

“Hahaha! It has been 1,000 years! 1,000 years! I finally regained my freedom! I smell freedom! I also smell the blood of humans! It sure brings back memories! Hahaha! Damn humans! You poor souls! Start praying!” this demon spoke.

It was speaking the language that was used across the continent during the Mythical Era. However, this demon wasn’t too fluent; it seemed like it wasn’t used to speaking after not saying anything for 1,000 years.

Fei held onto his breath and concentrated, instantly entering the battle mode. With all irrelevant thoughts behind him, he got battle-hungry.

To his surprise, this demon didn’t attack right away as he expected. Like a giant spider crawling on the surface of the giant sealed egg, it moved at variable speeds with its red tongue flickering. The black mist got thicker and thicker around it, looking to engulf it completely.

Fei slightly frowned; something seemed strange.

In the next moment, the king dashed forward like a bolt of lightning and initiated the battle.

Fei swung [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] in the air, and he cast the Barbarian’s most powerful skill – [Whirlwind]!

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