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Hail the King Chapter 968.2

Chapter 968: Is He Already A Man Who Makes Demons Flee? (Part Two)

Since the [Immortal King] Item Set was completed, all the bonus power and effects were demonstrated at this moment. Streaks of lightning bolts that looked like the ones created by [Fist of the Heavens] dashed down from the sky, and four tornadoes appeared and circled the demon, attacking it together.

The highly corrosive black mist rushed towards Fei, but the Barbarian’s Anti-Mage Realm blocked it. It couldn’t get within 1,000 meters of the king.

In an instant, Fei engulfed the demon of Hell with his realm.

Endless lightning bolts struck down from the sky, hitting the body of the demon. The tornadoes that were spinning and circling this demon also dashed forward and tore through this demon’s body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The golden energy dragon created by [Whirlwind] struck the demon accurately.

While shocking explosions sounded, this giant demon, who was more than 1,000 meters tall and had an imposing presence, didn’t even try to struggle or resist. Like a porcelain doll that was struck by a hammer, this demon shattered into pieces, and these pieces flew in all directions. Quickly, they all disappeared under the power of the Anti-Mage Realm, not even leaving a single streak of smoke.

“Eh? This… this easy? It is dead?!”

The king who was prepared for a hard-fought battle didn’t expect such an ending. This demon of Hell looked dominating and powerful, but its real strength was weaker than a peak Burning Sun Lord, not on the same level as Fei.

“Could it be that this demon already has Alzheimer’s after staying in the sealed egg for 1,000 years? It is only coming out to seek death?” Fei thought to himself.

While looking around in confusion, Fei was highly aware of his surroundings just in case something unexpected happened.

However, it was very quiet in the sealed space from the beginning to the end; no noise or energy fluctuation appeared.

“What is going on?” Fei frowned, and he couldn’t figure it out after thinking for a while.

Just as he was about to enter this giant sealed egg that was broken, a streak of spatial fluctuation that was hard to detect appeared about ten kilometers away.

A streak of shiny black energy was breaking the barrier around this sealed space, trying to flee.

“Where are you going?” Fei roared and chased after this energy.

At this moment, the king instantly understood everything.

This damn demon of Hell created a powerful clone to attract the king’s attention, and its real self instantly escaped from the sealed egg and hid, trying to break the sealed space and get away.

It was clear that after being locked inside the sealed egg for 1,000 years, this demon was already weak. Then, it used a ton of energy to break the seal on the egg, and its strength fell even further; it was no match for Fei, who was a demi-god.

Therefore, this cunning demon had no intention of fighting Fei; it didn’t dare to. It only wanted to get out of here as soon as it could to recover its strength.

When Fei realized all this, it was already too late.

The barrier around this sealed space rippled like the surface of a pond, and that streak of black light disappeared.

The golden sword energy that Fei shot out seemed to have hit this demon since a vague scream sounded, but the king wasn’t sure if he killed this demon or not.

Fei wanted to continue the chase, but he had already lost track of the demon.

The void was full of chaotic energy. Without the accurate location of the demon, it would be useless trying to find it by chance; it was no different from looking for a needle in a haystack.

“Whatever. Since five demons already escaped, one more won’t hurt much. Besides, it is very weak, and it got struck by me. It might need 30 to 50 years to recover its full strength, so it isn’t worrisome right now. However, am I already a man who makes demons flee at the sound of my name? Haha!” the king comforted himself.

This battle gave Fei a warning.

The so-called supreme masters from the Mythical Era weren’t truly invincible; these entities were all living beings. They would get drunk if they drank too much, and they would feel the pain if they were stabbed. Therefore, Fei didn’t need to be too nervous when facing them, or they might try to take advantage of that.

In this battle, if Fei weren’t too cautious when facing this demon of Hell and used his full strength right away, the demon might not be able to get away.

Now, the other giant sealed eggs in this sealed space wouldn’t be breaking any time soon.

Fei exhaled and relaxed a little; this counted as the completion of one of his tasks.

Next, perhaps the king should go to the Southern Region of Azeroth to check out the crazy goblins to satisfy his curiosity.

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