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Hail the King Chapter 969.1

Chapter 969: A Terrible Answer (Part One)

Fei’s spirit energy radiated out like waves.

After sensing for a while, Fei was sure that the demon of Hell had already escaped, and he relaxed a bit more.

Although this demon of Hell escaped, the situation was better than Fei expected. At least people like Akara and Cain weren’t affected, and they weren’t injured. This sealed space was still in complete control of Chambord.

After thinking for a bit, Fei entered the giant sealed egg that was broken in front of him.

The world inside the giant sealed egg was utterly different from the sealed space. Lightning bolts continuously flashed, and thunder repeatedly rumbled. Strong gales blew in all directions, and heavy rain poured down from the sky. While Fei was standing in mid-air, lightning bolts struck toward him non-stop as if the gods were condemning him. This place was terrifying and comparable to Hell.

After exiting this egg, Fei started to feel a little sympathetic toward the demon that just escaped. Anyone who got locked inside that egg and was struck by lightning bolts for 1,000 years would go crazy. No wonder this demon reacted so aggressively when Fei tried to strengthen the seal on the egg, and it even risked its life to break out before the king did so.

One thing that pleasantly surprised Fei was the law of time inside this giant sealed egg; it was much faster compared to the outside world. Half a day passed inside the egg, but only less than an hour passed outside.

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Although this giant sealed egg wasn’t suitable for humans to stay in, this difference in the speed of the flow of time fitted Fei’s criteria.

Fei brought Cain and Akara into this giant sealed egg that was full of thunder, lightning, wind, and rain.

After four days of research where the king was struck by lightning bolts every second, the two mad scientists finally grasped onto some key information regarding the laws of nature in this space. According to them, in about a month, they should be able to alter the speed of time in those three giant sealed eggs that were suitable for humans to live in, so time would pass faster in them compared to the outside world.

This was great news.

In the next few days, Fei spared some time and strengthened the seals on the rest of the 66 giant sealed eggs, just in case anything bad happened. Then, he ordered the military of Chambord to teleport soldiers into the Capital of Anji using the super long-range magic teleportation arrays, treating this city which was surrounded by undead creatures such as zombies and mutated demon beasts as the practice battlefield for the troops of Chambord.

At the same time, some military departments and weaponry manufacturing plants that were of less importance were slowly moved to the Capital of Anji, creating a temporary second arsenal of Chambord.

Of course, the most crucial things were those 5,000 sets of mystical gold armor.

In these three months, the elemental runes were engraved onto the inside of the mystical gold armor after the craftsmen and university students worked overtime. Next, the most critical step was the linking of magic arrays and the activation of the runes. It required Cain and Akara to do it personally.

This was a complicated task, and it required a ton of time. The good thing was the alteration of the speed of time inside the three giant sealed eggs were soon going to be finished. Once Chambord was able to work on these war machines inside such spaces, everything could be completed in less than three months.

This was an urgent matter that concerned Chambord’s chance of survival in the Chaos Era.

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