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Hail the King Chapter 969.2

Chapter 969: A Terrible Answer (Part Two)

Therefore, Fei had to suppress his curiosity of going to the Southern Region of Azeroth to check out the goblins, and he temporarily stayed behind in the Northern Region, coming and going between Chambord City and the Capital of Anji. The good thing was that with Fei’s current strength and the super long-distance magic teleportation arrays, not much time was wasted on the road.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed.

Fei’s Amazon character was now at Nightmare Mode level 99; he only had to complete Hell Mode.

At the same time, Fei killed many zombies and monsters in the real world. These dark creatures’ speed of evolution was stunning! In less than a year, more than 100 zombie emperors appeared. Fortunately, Fei was able to kill the powerful monsters periodically so that even more powerful creatures wouldn’t appear.

However, as Fei killed many monsters, the zombies ate each other to evolve, and no more monsters appeared since Fei isolated the monsters away from humans, the number of these dark creatures of Hell drastically reduced. Right now, there were less than one million of them, which was less than ten percent of their prime.

Of course, Fei got a lot of benefits from the killing.

The king’s Barbarian character and Paladin character both surpassed the mid-tier Demi-God Realm and reached peak Demi-God Realm. If he could achieve another breakthrough, he would be in the True God Realm. By then, he could live for tens of thousands of years, and he could appear anywhere in the world and do anything he wanted. After all, he would be a real god.

However, there was only one uncertainty. From the information that Fei gathered so far, if he wanted to become a real god, only increasing his power further wouldn’t help much. A challenging process had to take place, and it was the condensation of divinity!

This was a step that many cultivation geniuses couldn’t surpass, and many demi-gods died before this threshold. There was one key reason – no one knew how to condense divinity.

At least on the Azeroth Continent, no one knew this process. This secret technique was long lost after the gods and demons died off in the Mythical Era.

Except for Fei’s Barbarian character and Paladin character who were demi-gods, and the Amazon character who was still leveling up, the rest all stayed at Hell Mode level 100, which was equivalent to peak Burning Sun Class.

Right now, Fei had no plans of increasing their strengths to the Demi-God Realm. After all, the zombies were almost all killed off, and the mystical energy wasn’t endless. Fei had to make sure that his Barbarian character and Paladin character had dominant combat strengths.

During this period, the situation on the continent got even more complicated.

In the Southern Region of Azeroth where all humans were paying attention to, the Human Alliance and the Goblin Clan had several clashes and battles involving millions of soldiers, and both sides had some wins and losses. The situation was in a heated stalemate.

During the war, humans captured quite a lot of goblins, and they learned from the captives that the goblins came from a space called the Goblin Realm.

In the last thousands of years, the goblins stayed there and rested, creating a giant civilization.

However, as time passed, the Goblin Realm, which was artificially created, was reaching the end of its lifespan. Therefore, this powerful race in the Mythical Era had to return to the Azeroth Continent.

This answer was in line with Fei and Akinfeev’s estimates.

Clearly, it was a terrible answer.

It meant that war was unavoidable!

Goblins were fighting for the continuation of their race and survival.

On the other hand, humans, a race that was arrogant and used to dominating the Azeroth Continent, were fighting for their absolute control over the land.

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