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Hail the King Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Face Color Changed

“Need time?”

Fei slightly frowned, which made both Mazola and Luciano’s heart race, and then they heard Fei continue asking, “How much more time do you need?”

“Your Majesty, if we fully convert the four gems in your hands, it will be worth more than one million low-grade sorcerer stones. This quantity, even if performed by Pope Sergiyeli’s Zenit Holy Palace’s Isaac Cathedral, it is still impossible to prepare within one or two days.” Mazola carefully answered, trying his best to sound more convincing, “In addition to the round trip, it will also require a lot of knights or mercenaries to guard, and the whole process will take at least 4 to 5 months to complete.”

“4 to 5 months? That’s too long!” Fei shook his hand.

“I wonder what Your Majesty is exchanging low-grade sorcerer stones for…” Mazola carefully asked.

Fei’s look suddenly changed, and his eyes landed on Mazola’s face-like sharp swords.

Mazola felt a huge wave of pressure instantly blow towards him, suffocating him for a moment before he quickly kneeled down and explained, “Your Majesty, please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t intend to inquire about your plans. It’s just that I think that if you don’t need that many low-grade sorcerer stones in one go, we can exchange it slowly in batches. For example, we can trade 1000 stones at a time, and that way the speed will be quicker and it also avoid the risk of a large-scale delivery.”

Fei’s eyes lit up after hearing that suggestion.

Exchanging for 1000 sorcerer stones at once and trading 3 to 4 times every month would be enough to support his expenses in the Diablo world. Selling these gems to the NPC could ensure that the seven classes he played would have no obstacles in meeting the demand for gold coins, and that way his leveling speed would inevitably be many times faster.

“Very well. For this task, you can make the arrangements for me.”

Fei gently flicked his fingers, and the [Flawed Ruby Gem] and the [Regular Sapphire Gem] flew into Mazola’s hands. “This is a medium and high grade sorcerer stone, worth about 11000 low grade sorcerer gems. I just need 10,000 of them; the remaining 1000 will just be the compensation for your hard work.”

“Your Majesty, to serve you is our glory. We both don’t dare to ask for compensation.” Although the 1000 low-grade sorcerer stones’ value was far more than their salary together with some desperately plundered wealth, the two didn’t dare to have the slightest greed this time.

“For the reward that I give out, no one dares to refuse.” Fei said in a cold voice.

Mazola and Luciano looked at each other for a second and both saw the insuppressible ecstasy in each other’s pupils, and their hearts of greed finally overcame the fear, and then they both quickly knelt down and thanked Fei for the reward.

“Yes, that’s how things should be,” Fei’s tone warmed up. “These are the 1000 low-grade sorcerer stones that you deserve. I have never ill-treated any of my loyal followers. If you two get the job done well, your future rewards will obviously increase. However, if you two dare to disobey my orders behind my back, hehe…”

His voice had hardly finished before a pure gold holy force emerged from Fei’s body like a ball of burning holy flame. After a subtle flash, the stone chair below him silently turned into a ball of dust and dissipated in the air as if it had never been there.

Paladin’s skill [Holy Flame].

In the Azeroth continent’s Holy Church, this skill also had another name, [Evil-Washing Holy Flame], which was an extremely high-tier skill that combined offense with defense, and only those big name figures in the Holy Church was qualified to master this kind of power. As for the little 3-star priests stationed in small remote countries like Mazola, being able to master the simple skill [Light Out] which was similar to the Paladin’s [Holy Bolt] was considered to be the peak.

This scene made both people’s heart cover in cold sweat, as they felt a biting chilly air directly surging from tailbone to head, like being in a freezer. They didn’t even dare to take big breaths.

“If you try to disobey me, your end will be just like this stone chair.”

Fei finished, and then he directly got up and left the church.

Soon, only Mazola and Luciano were left in the room.

They awkwardly got up from the ground and took a look at each other, and the expression on their faces were especially rich. They were both trying very hard to cover up the fear in their hearts.

“We can’t be wrong now, he must be a [God’s Favorite Child].” The rattlesnake Mazola stared at the place where the stone chair was, which was now just a pile of fine white powder as he exclaimed, “Otherwise, how could he master such high level magic [Evil-Washing Holy Flame], and even take out master grade sorcerer stones? Aside from this kind of big figure, who else could do it? Luckily, we were smart and already buttered up to this big figure.”

“But why is this big figure converting high tier sorcerer stones to large number of low grade sorcerer stones? This seems to be an unprofitable trade…” Luciano was puzzled.

“How can we guess what these high-ups are thinking?” Mazola rubbed his temples, stared at the two sorcerer stones in his hands and said, “Let’s just think about how to quickly convert these two stones into low-grade sorcerer stones. You have to personally take care of this task, and make sure to keep it confidential. Don’t let those big figures in St. Petersburg know for the time being.

“Ah, how cute these little things are.”

The female rogues squeezed through the crowd and finally got to the front, where a little shop was surrounded by the crowd, and a few mercenary-looking young men and women were desperately shouting. In the dozens of fine little iron cages by their feet contained many bizarre, lovely and cute baby magic beast cubs.

“Ohhh, come take a look, Giant Tail Lemming’s cub, just weaned, it has a gentle temperament, and it’s very easy to maintain…”

“One-year old Wind-Wing parrot, it can learn the hardest to pronounce fairy language!”

“Haha, hurry and look at this shivering little guy, man, you absolutely wouldn’t have guessed that it’s the cub of a tier-6 magic beast Golden Hair Roar! My teammates and I tried everything and finally stole it from its mother, and in adult stage it can grow 6 wings and its flying speed is unparalleled!”

“Hehe, a real white-tiger, descendant of the Light Emperor!”

The mercenaries desperately shouted at the crowd to introduce their goods, and some of those little cubs were scared by the huge crowd to the point of shivering. Some were just quietly growling, and some just closed their eyes and lazily laid in the cage, looking cute like a bunch of little fairy tale creatures. It was just that the mercenaries’ price tags were a bit high so no one really took out their wallet to make a purchase. They crowded this place just to take a look for fun.

The female rogues pushed to the front and all of their eyes lit up.

As people that had to deal with ugly demonic monsters from birth in the Diablo world, the cutest things they’ve seen were just grey-haired big mice. The little cuties inside the cages in front of them could instantly win their heart. Elena took out a little chubby fishing cat that was taking a nap out of the cage, placed it in her arms as she gently stroked it. The other female rogues all had their harvest, smiling as they picked up other furry little animals, and even aunty nun Ankara’s love was flooding, staring at a pure white feather owl beast and refusing to move her eyes.

“You should buy them, just look at how cute they are.”

A clever female mercenary saw the hope to make money and began to encourage them to make the decision.

The female rogues heard and looked towards Elena, and Elena looked at nun Ankara, and Ankara seemed to have felt something too. She reached inside her purple robe, but then her face blushed because she didn’t have any money on her. In addition, she didn’t know if the money from the Diablo world would still work in this world.

The few men that had been tailing these girls saw this scene and they suddenly felt brightness ahead. The leading muscular warrior with long blond hair gave a hinting look, and the handsome but a little gloomy young man on his side pushed through the crowd and shouted, “These little guys, my Royal Highness will buy them all…”

The handsome young man spilled at least a hundred gold coins, and then turned around to smile and look at Elena, and then said, “My Royal Highness ordered me to come and buy these little guys to give them to you ladies as gifts. We intend to befriend you beautiful ladies; I don’t know whether you can grant our request?”

Elena and the others surprisingly followed the handsome young man’s eyes and looked towards the outside of the crowd, and they saw a muscular warrior with long blonde hair being surrounded by several well-dressed guards who were smiling towards them. The so-called Royal Highness was probably referring to this person.

This blond hair warrior stood tall and proudly. He was pretty handsome, had cold and bright eyes, but his snarling nose with a slightly violent and domineering feeling undermined his entire impression.

Although Elena hadn’t come into contact with strangers outside of the [Rogue Encampment] in the Diablo world, from facing demons and monsters every day, they grew very sensitive to power. Although this blond hair warrior’s strength was contained, they can still feel that this man’s combat strength was probably not below Sir Fei, and he should be the four-star level that Fei referred to.

Thinking of how Sir Fei was recently officially ascending the throne and a lot of guests from other countries came to congratulate Fei, Elena didn’t want to bring any trouble for Fei so she smiled at the blonde-hair warrior and said, “Thank you to this Highness, but we don’t know each other, so we will pay for them this time.”

Then, Elena looked at prison official Oleg.

This fat man was smart, so how would he not understand this meaning? In his heart, he had already planned these beautiful rogues into Fei’s future imperial harem formation, and seeing the scene today, he really wanted to ask what kind of retarded dead fools these people were that actually dared to fight for women with King Alexander. It was the same as a dog asking to get beaten by biting its blacksmith owner. He immediately shook his fat *ss and walked up with his wallet, provocatively looked at the handsome young man and the blonde-hair warrior, and then said loudly to those young mercenaries, “These magic beast cubs, we will pay twice the price and buy them all.”

The handsome young man’s face immediately changed.

Even the blonde-hair warrior in the distance had a trace of haze flash through his eyes, but he masked it really well and laughed, “If that’s the case, I will leave these little guys with you ladies. My name is Aobina, I will be in Chambord city these days, so I hope we can meet again.”

Then, with no further inquiries, he turned around with the guards and left.

The blonde-hair warrior’s action and words made many people sigh in admiration; he had a good temperament that wasn’t too warm or too cold. It didn’t arouse feelings of disgust and exclusion from Elena and the others, and it also left a good impression for the ladies, setting up a perfect opportunity for their next “coincidental” meet.

But it seemed that this handsome young man didn’t want to forget it.

He felt that he was humiliated, a pernicious look began flowing in his eyes. He looked at the show off fat man Oleg, and then his eyes glanced past Elena and the others, but when his eyes swept past the golden long bow on Elena’s back, his pupils immediately contracted, as if he thought of something. He picked up the gold coins he dropped on the ground, hastily caught up with the blonde hair warrior and whispered something into his ears…

The blonde-hair warrior stopped his steps, and his eyes fell on Elena’s long golden bow that was emitting a dim light as he carefully observed for a moment…

Then, his face changed.

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