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Hail the King Chapter 970.1

Chapter 970: Raid of Another Race (Part One)

In the beginning, humans were thinking about enslaving this race, which had a mighty civilization.

Unfortunately, the strength of goblins far surpassed humans’ imaginations.

Although goblins were short, ugly, couldn’t cultivate warrior energy, and were average at magic spells, they had superior talent in alchemy and magic technology. They had many advanced alchemists and many strange yet powerful skills and tools. Even when facing Sun-Class Lords of Humans, they weren’t inferior and matched up evenly.

This race where the weight of their heads made up 40 percent of their body weight walked on another path to absolute power! Once alchemy reached the peak, the alchemists could also control the laws of nature. According to the information that the captives gave, the Goblin Clan didn’t lack [Emperors of Alchemy] who were on the same level as demi-gods.

When the war got to this point, the far-sighted human masters gradually realized that these short and green creatures’ return to the Azeroth Continent was unavoidable and irreversible; it was impossible to eliminate all of them.

In not too long, humans would have to drop the arrogance that they developed for thousands of years. They would have to pinch their noses and accept that these short creatures were on the same level as them, and goblins were going to be one of the races standing at the top of the food chain of this continent.

Unfortunately, the worsening of the situation didn’t stop here.

-On the first day of spring in this new year on the Azeroth Continent-

The sun was bright, and the weather was great. Everything was signaling that this was going to be a great day.

-In the Central Region of Azeroth, on the Holy Mountain of the Holy Church at Sicily Island-

This was a place where all the forces on the continent had to look up to.

The giant mountain on Sicily Island was soaring into the clouds, and it looked like the symbol of the entire continent. As it pierced into the sky, it showed the impregnable position of this place.

In the area of hundreds of kilometers around Sicily Island, the vast holy power enveloped this region. It was spring-like all year round, and greeneries could be seen everywhere; this region was very suitable for humans to live in.

The holy flowers that represented brightness grew all over the mountains, and the genial-looking priests and handsome holy knights could be seen at every corner. Fancily-dressed bishops and prestigious nobles and noble ladies entered and exited the Holy Mountain, and ships and boats with pure-white sails floated on the rivers and sea.

The young girls in the Holy Choir sang the Holy Song, and it resonated between the sky and earth, making people intoxicated.

For the last 1,000 years, this place was never involved in any wars, and the flames of war never touched it.

This was a snapshot of a paradise that was like Heaven on land, and holy energy engulfed everything. As if it were the carefree Garden of Eden, this place only had happiness, hope, and brightness and not a single trace of sadness, despair, and evil.

This was a holy land that was blessed and protected by the gods!

Like always, the young captain of a small team of holy knights, Samaras, finished the daily morning ceremony of expressing gratitude to the gods and consumed bread and wine with his peers. Then, they put on the fancy, hollow silver armor, jumped on their handsome white horses, and grabbed their silver knight lances that were shiny after being polished. Next, they started their daily mission of patrolling the island.

This was a simple task. They only had to circle Sicily Island once as if they were on a field trip, and they could complete it little over half a day; there was no risk.

After all, no one dared to mess around in Sicily Island in the last 1,000 years.

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