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Hail the King Chapter 971.2

Chapter 971: The Battle of Sicily Island (Part Two)

Within an area of one square kilometer, hundreds of dragons couldn’t dodge in time and were touched by the power of this sword, and they whined and turned into dust!

Many holy knights and priests on Sicily Island cheered in excitement.

Finally, a powerful master on the side of the Holy Church moved, and this person instantly wiped away hundreds of giant dragons, raising morale.

However, in the next second, a thunderous roar came from the distant sky.

A giant red figure dashed down from the sky; it was a red dragon whose body was much larger compared to its peers.

Then, this red dragon battled with this powerful master of the Holy Church.

After less than ten minutes of aggressive battle, a series of screams sounded. The powerful master of the Holy Church who had shown impressive strength died! The giant red dragon bit his body into two halves, and limbs and blood fell from the sky!

The giant red dragon raised its head and roared, and it didn’t hide the smugness. As a result, the dragons were stimulated as well.

Suddenly, a white light flashed on the ground, and a series of magic cannons shot out light beams. All these light beams struck onto the red dragon. About a dozen light beams pierced the magic protective sphere around the red dragon, and the rest of the light beams damaged it.

While dragon scales and dragon blood fell down from the sky, the red dragon looked like it was severely injured. As if it were drunk, it staggered in the air and smashed down onto the ground. Before it could roll around and get up, it was surrounded by many low-level holy knights and priests, and these people took this opportunity to beat it when it was down.

Such a scene happened all around Sicily Island.

-High up in the sky-

A giant golden dragon with five claws on each of its paws looked down at the island in disdain. Right now, it was surrounded and protected by hundreds of dragons who were much larger than their peers.

While a god-like presence engulfed it, merciless light flashed in this golden dragon’s golden-red eyes, and it sent out spirit energy waves frequently to command the battle on the ground.

-Meanwhile, on the peak of the Holy Mountain-

While holding a scepter and wearing the holy crown, the Pope of the Holy Church stood on the peak of the mountain in a white robe that looked to be condensed from godly light. Right now, he was also surrounded by many top-tier masters of the Holy Church.

This man had white hair and a white beard, and he was paying attention to the battle on the ground while confusion and pity appeared in his eyes.

The Holy Church was caught off guard, but it was slowly turning the situation back around.

The top-tier masters on both sides kept the temporary silence as if they had a tactical understanding with each other, and none of them moved as if they were afraid.

The news about Sicily Island getting raided by the dragons utterly shocked the entire continent as if a level 18 tsunami appeared on a calm sea. This news spread around the continent with insane speed.

This was unimaginable!

The people who heard the news instantly thought that it was impossible and believed that it was the funniest joke of the year. Then, they were shocked and still couldn’t believe it! They all thought that the dragons had long disappeared. Next, they wondered where the dragons came from and why they attacked Sicily Island. Lastly, they thought about the outcome of the war; they wondered if the Holy Church had won since this organization was the most dominating force on the continent.

Compared to the appearance of dragons and the attack on Sicily Island, the war between humans and goblins in the Southern Region looked dim and lost its popularity.

Next, all kinds of information were spread out.

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