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Hail the King Chapter 972.1

Chapter 972: Snow and Rain in the Wind (Part One)

Different from many people’s estimates, the Holy Church wasn’t as powerful as they had expected, and this force didn’t crush the dragons and obtain a swift victory.

Right now, no one knew about the exact outcome of the initial battle. Ten days had passed since the beginning of the battle, but the Mediterranean Sea and Sicily Island were both completely locked down by tens of thousands of giant dragons; it was impossible for outsiders to venture into this area.

Only the frequent explosions and terrifying energy surges showed that the cruel battle was still ongoing.

This was the first time in the last 1,000 years that the Holy Church was attacked like this.

Without needing the official summoning order from the Central Church, all the holy knights, priests, and fanatic believers on the Azeroth Continent already started moving. The Southern Regional Church, Western Regional Church, Northern Regional Church, and Eastern Regional Church all issued battle orders. All the holy battle legions and priests in the four regional churches rushed toward the Central Region of Azeroth to reinforce the church in the War of Sicily Island.

The Holy Church liked being the only dominating power and hated all challengers. This time, this force didn’t disappoint others as well. The dragons were instantly labeled as evil creatures.

A crazy movement of destroying dragon statues appeared on the continent, and several empires that worshipped dragons were conquered and wiped out by the crazy holy knight legions of the Holy Church overnight; many innocent people became sacrificial lambs in this war.

This sudden war changed the dynamics on the continent.

In the Southern Region, since more than 80 percent of the combat force of the Southern Regional Church was moved toward Sicily Island to assist the Central Church, humans’ top-level combat strength decreased by a lot. Without the assistance of priests who healed people, the casualties of humans continued to increase. Besides, the different parties in the Human Alliance such as the Bayern Empire, the Leverkusen Empire, and the Ormond Empire seemed to have drifted apart, and they weren’t willing to put full force into this war against goblins. Therefore, humans gradually lost the advantage that they had in this war, and they couldn’t launch any attacks that were of high-threat.

At this moment, more terrible events for humans occurred.

Almost at the same time, shocking news broke out! The Fire Mountain Range in the Eastern Region of Azeroth was known for the many volcanoes and the rich natural resources, especially ores. However, people claimed that they discovered dwarfs and gnomes.

The Dwarf Clan and the Gnome Clan were both affiliated races during the Mythical Era, and they had powerful combat strength, especially the dwarfs.

On top of the talent in smelting and forging, all dwarfs, regardless of their gender, were natural warriors as they had insane comprehension of warrior energy and were born with strong physical strength.

On the other hand, although gnomes were physically weak, their intelligence rivaled goblins, and their talent in alchemy and magic could even scare off giant dragons.

The appearance of these two races near the Fire Mountain Range was threatening to the various empires in the Eastern Region of Azeroth. After the precedents set by goblins and dragons which both attacked humans, humans were more wary of other races; they were naturally more hostile and disliked them.

The powerful empires in the Eastern Region such as the Chelsea Empire, the Liverpool Empire, the Arsenal Empire, and the Manchester United Empire all instantly stationed soldiers by the Fire Mountain Range, just in case that the dwarfs and gnomes attacked.

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    Wait what? Why the east? Their last capital should the north, exactly in chambord. How the hell did the dwarf do that?

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