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Hail the King Chapter 972.2

Chapter 972: Snow and Rain in the Wind (Part Two)

At this moment, another shocking piece of news appeared.

In the Western Region of Azeroth, another dominant race during the Mythical Era, the elves, appeared in the Primitive Forest at the most western edge of the continent.

The elves’ unparalleled talent in magic and their assassination and archery skills left a deep mark in history. It was heard that this race was germophobic and had high morals. Also, as if they were beloved by the Holy Creator, they were all handsome and beautiful, and they had long lifespans. It was believed that an ordinary elf warrior could live for 500 years. The elf priests and elf kings who had grasped the key to eternal power could live for even longer.

The long lifespan made this race powerful. Like dragons, if the elves had stronger reproductive abilities, closer to humans and orcs, they would become a race that could rival gods and demons.

Since such things kept on happening, this climate in early spring seemed chilly for humans.

It felt like after pigs had occupied a barn for a long time, several cows, sheep, and chickens came in, and they had to share the space. In order to fight for food and the good places to sleep on, these animals were going to fight for sure.

The only good news among the bad news for humans was that the terrifying orcs hadn’t appeared yet. In the Mythical Era, orcs were only slightly weaker compared to dragons, and they had insane reproductive abilities. Therefore, humans didn’t have to face this dominant race that was aggressive and had many members.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

It was hard to believe, but the Battle of Sicily Island still wasn’t over.

The Dragon Clan and the Holy Church; these two powerful forces were both angered by each other, and they weren’t willing to back off and negotiate.

From the information that was gathered from all sources, it was heard that in the last two months, more than 100,000 holy knights and priests, more than 1,000 Moon-Class Elites, and about 60 Sun-Class Lords were killed.

In addition, 11 high-level members of the Holy Church died, and 21 bishops of various shrines had fallen. This was the most significant loss that the Holy Church suffered in the last 1,000 years.

The Dragon Clan wasn’t doing that much better. More than 1,000 ordinary dragons, 100 elite dragons, and even two supreme dragon kings fell. This was an unbearable loss for the dragons that had low reproductive abilities.

At this moment, almost all the emperors of the human empires were secretly glad.

“It is fortunate that the dragons decided to fight with the Holy Church, the most powerful force on the continent. I’m not sure if these creatures have gone mad, but it is good. Any other level 9 empires would have been turned to ashes under the dragons’ breath.”

Good news came from other directions as well.

After the initial communication, it seemed like the elves, dwarfs, and gnomes weren’t interested in battling humans. Also, after seeing the craziness that was the goblins and dragons, humans didn’t dare to underestimate these powerful affiliated races of gods and demons.

In order to reserve strength, the human empires wisely conceded. The Empire Alliance of the Eastern Region ‘offered’ the Fire Mountain Range, which occupied one-third the area of the Eastern Region, to the dwarfs and gnomes. After all, volcanos and vicious demon beasts were all over this mountain range, and almost no human empire had territory in there.

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