Chapter 973: Passing Diablo World – A Mysterious Reward (Part One)

-In the Western Region of Azeroth-

After the Elf Clan showcased impressive strength, the Human Alliance headed by the level 9 Madrid Empire and the level 9 Barcelona Empire reached an agreement with them. As a result, the Elf Clan gained control of the vast primitive ice forest in the most western edge of the continent.

The temporary peace treaties that humans and other races reached in the Western Region and the Eastern Region of Azeroth seemed to give hints and inspirations to the human empires in the Southern Region.

Finally, in the first half of the third month since the War of Sicily Island broke out, the Human Alliance in the Southern Region led by the Bayern Empire and a few other powerful empires also reached a temporary agreement with the goblins. The violent and aggressive goblins took the land that they already claimed as their territory, and the rumbling goblin zeppelins and the fast goblin wolf-riders stopped appearing in the territories of the existing human empires.

As other races suddenly appeared on the continent one after another, the wars between human empires almost all died down. After reaching the weak and fragile temporary peace treaties with other races, the only place on the continent where a war was happening was the holy land – Sicily Island, the headquarters of the Holy Church. Many people had once believed that it was the least likely place where a war would break out.

All humans on the continent were paying attention to this tragic war.

“What? Summoning the Black-Cloth Shrine to participate in the war?”

Inside the [Godly King Palace] of Sky City, Fei looked at the golden token from the Northern Regional Church, and he grinned. However, he was cussing in his mind, “F*ck! We have been suppressed and bullied all this time, and we didn’t get any benefits. Now that there is trouble, you want us to be the suicide squad? F*ck that!”

The king looked at the people such as Batistuta who were all patiently waiting for him, the delegating bishop, to decide. He asked and probed them, “Batistuta, what are you guys’ opinions? Do you think our holy shrine should send masters to Sicily Island to fight against the dragons?”

Right now, if some priests of the Black-Cloth Shrine went crazy after being brainwashed for so long, wanting to go to Sicily Island and ‘save’ the Holy Church as humanitarian aid, Fei couldn’t really stop them. However, one thing was for sure; Chambord wouldn’t get involved in this boring war.

“Our strength is limited. Even if we go, we won’t affect the situation that much. However, we don’t have a good excuse not to go. If we directly refuse without giving a good reason, we will be targeted and treated as traitors. In their eyes, we will be the same as evil forces such as the undead,” Batistuta said in wary.

In fact, he also didn’t want to participate in this so-called Holy War. The Black-Cloth Shrine had many conflicts with the top-level decision-makers in the Holy Church as this shrine had been suppressed and bullied. Anyone would get mad at this.

Besides, this shrine only saw some hope after the King of Chambord became the bishop, and the shrine’s strength increased a lot in the last one to two years.

However, despite the strong growth, the Black-Cloth Shrine was still weak in comparison to other shrines, and they couldn’t do much even if they got to Sicily Island; they could only act as the suicide squad, and it wasn’t in the shrine’s best interest.

“Huh, then let’s not go. As to reasons… let’s say that we have to spend all the energy on eliminating the undead zombies in the Anji Empire. This reason should stand.” Fei instantly understood Batistuta’s thoughts, and he praised this cunning old fox and brought up a reason that others couldn’t refute.

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