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Hail the King Chapter 973.2

Chapter 973: Passing Diablo World – A Mysterious Reward (Part Two)

“Hahaha! Great! Let’s do that.” Batistuta was pleased; he completely forgot about this incident.

After the Undead Creature Catastrophe appeared in the Anji Empire, the Holy Church never showed an official stance on the issue, and they never sent a holy knight legion to kill all the evil creatures. It was hard for others to understand, but it seemed like the Holy Church was planning something.

Now that the dragons were raiding Sicily Island and disrupted the Holy Church’s plan, they couldn’t follow through any more at the moment.

Since the Holy Church treated undead creatures as their nemesis, this reason was suitable for not going to Sicily Island.

Both Fei and Batistuta smiled like cunning foxes.

After seeing off Batistuta and others from the Black-Cloth Shrine, Fei entered Diablo World.

The day that the king had been waiting for is here. If he spent the time and killed Final Boss Baal in Hell Mode, his final character, Amazon, would reach Hell Mode level 100. Then, all seven of his characters would have passed Diablo World, and the mysterious prize that Fei was waiting for would be revealed.

Three hours later, Final Boss Baal roared in anger and unwillingness as it fell to the ground and died, putting an end to its life.

Fei who was dressed as an Amazon laughed and picked up all the set items that Baal dropped. However, the king didn’t even look at these items and didn’t pay attention to the golden light beam, which signified the level-up. Instead, he patiently waited for that cold, mysterious voice to appear and announce the prize since all seven of his characters passed Diablo World.

At this moment, Fei got very nervous; it felt as if the answer to a mystery were about to be revealed.

In the next second, a purple teleportation portal quietly appeared in front of Fei.

Fei froze for a second; this was different from how he imagined it.

In both his memory about the original game and what happened when the other six characters passed Diablo World, such a portal never appeared.

“Could it be that this is the final prize for passing Diablo World with all seven characters? Where will this portal lead to? I have never seen this kind of portal before.”

Standing more than ten meters away from the portal, Fei thought to himself while his heart started to race as he stared at the purple gate that had cold light flashing on it.

“What is going on? Tell me, where does it lead to? Should I enter?” Fei asked in his mind again and again, wanting to get an answer from that cold, mysterious voice.

Unfortunately, that voice didn’t respond as if it weren’t there.

This was the first time that Fei didn’t get an answer from the cold, mysterious voice.

Fei was faced with a tough and important decision.

This was the first time that he got so anxious and nervous when facing an ordinary-looking teleportation portal.

“Where does it lead to? Where?”

Would it bring Fei back to Earth to continue his previous life? Would the cold and mysterious voice tell him that everything had been a dream?

Or would this portal bring Fei into the Godly World that only existed in legends, and would he be able to see the gods?

Or… would it bring Fei into a world that was crueler and even more evil where he would have to start killing monsters and level up again?

Fei was sensing the fear of the unknown.

Fei stood in front of the purple teleportation gate for a long while. Then, he slowly walked forward. Although the distance between him and the portal was less than 20 meters, he took more than ten minutes before he got to the purple portal.

He reached out his hand, but he sensed nothing. The cold purple flames were silent, making this portal look like the wide-open mouth of a giant beast, waiting for its prey.

After a short pause, Fei finally stepped into it.

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