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Hail the King Chapter 974.1

Chapter 974: This Is the Reward? (Part One)

The familiar sensation of traveling inside a spatial and temporal portal engulfed the king’s body.

In the next moment, Fei’s vision brightened up, and he arrived at a mystical world.

In front of him was a stretch of grassland that was refreshing and vibrant.

Under the caress of the gentle breeze, the green grass that reached Fei’s knees rippled like the surface of the ocean, and it was beautiful. Also, the giant trees were everywhere, extending into the horizon.

When Fei paid closer attention, he saw colorful flowers blooming in the grass, and a group of bees came from somewhere and started to buzz and dance around the pollen.

The sky was crystal blue, and not a trace of clouds could be seen.

The birds with long, beautiful feathers played in the air, looking carefree and lovely. The crisp chirps of birds resonated in the sky, and the sounds of running water was intoxicating. All these pleasant sounds merged and could melt people’s hearts.

The air in this place was exceptionally refreshing. Fei lightly inhaled, and he felt like spiritual energy rushed into every cell in his body. Even his pores were cleansed, and he felt very comfortable.

“This… where is this place?” Fei slightly frowned.

This beautiful scenery and refreshing air showed that it wasn’t a place in Diablo World; that world was already completely stained by the power of Hell.

However, the laws of nature in this place were completely different from the ones on the Azeroth Continent, and it seemed to be telling Fei that it also wasn’t the world ruled by the law of the jungle.

“Could it be that this is the Godly World?”

Fei’s spirit energy instantly radiated outward like waves, and the king lightly exhaled; he didn’t detect anything dangerous in this mystical space.

Fei took another glance of the surroundings, and everything seemed so peaceful and beautiful. This place was a paradise.

The king turned around, and the dark-purple teleportation portal was still standing about ten meters behind him in silence. The purple flames were burning, but they looked like streaks of cold light that didn’t really exist in the world; its beauty was beyond this world.

After confirming his location, Fei leaped into the air and dashed toward the forest further away like a lightning bolt.

This world was so big that even the king was stunned.

With his current strength, he still couldn’t reach the end after flying about six hours at full speed. It was far bigger compared to the sealed space under the Royal Palace of Anji and all the internal spaces of the giant sealed eggs that were broken.

Also, there was everything in this world, such as rivers, grass, forests, and animals. The appearance of these living creatures meant that the level of this space surpassed the level of the sealed space; it was probably tens of thousands of times more powerful.

“Where is this place? How come such a portal appeared after all seven of my characters passed Diablo World? I don’t understand. This place seems to be completely disconnected to the evil and suppressing Diablo World…”

After spending more than half a day, Fei returned to the purple portal and couldn’t wrap his head around this.

“Could it be that this space is the final reward for passing Diablo World? However, this prize seems a bit too strange. What can this space do for me? Although this space is full of natural elements and is suitable for living, it isn’t that much higher in level compared to the level 36 region in the Mythical Palace. It is completely meaningless to me! It can’t even compare to the three miraculous skills that I got earlier on.”

“Why did this happen? Or… does this space represent something else? And I simply don’t know its real power yet…” Fei still couldn’t figure it out after thinking for a while.

After another long while, the king decided to walk back into the purple portal. While a light flashed by, Fei returned to the [Worldstone Chamber] that was still shaking and collapsing, and the blood on Final Boss Baal’s corpse was still wet.

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  1. seems like separated space like all this foreign races has)thks for chap

  2. hijichikan

    Is it some place in the world he’s in as Alexander or a seprate place in diablo

  3. Kilpix-chan

    A World away from war or chaos . A World where you can escape 🙂

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