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Hail the King Chapter 974.2

Chapter 974: This Is the Reward? (Part Two)

“Hu… it is good that I can still return to Diablo World.”

The purple portal still existed here and didn’t disappear.

Then, Fei thought of something, and he exited Diablo World like always.

A bright light flashed before the king’s eyes, and his figure reappeared inside the [Godly King Palace].

Now, Fei lightly heaved a sigh of relief; the thing that concerned him the most didn’t occur. He could still return to the Azeroth Continent.

Right now, the sun was setting, and the sky had turned red.

After calculating the time, about ten hours had passed in the real world, which was the same as the time that Fei spent in Diablo World and that mysterious space added together. It meant that the speed of time inside that mysterious space was the same as the real world.

Perhaps it was due to the final battle with Baal and the high tension that Fei was under when he flew around in the mysterious space, he suddenly felt like fatigue was attacking his nerves like the waves of the ocean during a tsunami.

The king got back to his bedroom and fell into a deep sleep after three seconds.

Then, he started to dream.

This was the first time that Fei dreamed since he came to the Azeroth Continent. In his dream, the king witnessed a terrifying war between gods as a bystander. Many godly-king-level masters battled together, and these masters fell one after another. This battle penetrated the ground, tore the sky, and evaporated the oceans. All living creatures died in this catastrophe.

Then, a supreme existence who was engulfed in eye-piercing light let out an angry roar, and he was inside a pool of blood and a mountain of white bones. Due to the strong light, Fei couldn’t see his face.

The dream suddenly stopped here.

Like a television that got its cable pulled, the screen suddenly turned static with white noises. Nothing could be seen anymore.

Fei also suddenly woke up at this moment, and he abruptly jumped off the bed. His body was covered in sweat, and he sensed a wave of anger and sadness that came from the depths of his soul. It felt like the roar of that supreme existence from his dream filled Fei’s body, making him feel an unprecedented level of fear and desperation.

“Fei, are you ok?” gentle voices sounded by Fei’s ears.

The king looked up and saw Angela and Elena who were in white royal dresses looking at him worryingly.

Fei shook his head and replied, “Don’t worry, I’m ok. It is only a nightmare. Yeah, only a nightmare. It is so strange; I have nightmares too?” While saying that, he suddenly turned around and saw that it was already the second day morning. The sun was above the horizon, and the golden light embraced the palace. The crisp chirps of birds also resonated in the area.

“The short dream lasted so long?”

After giving his two wives a comforting smile, Fei habitually swam around in the pool beside the bedroom and washed away the sweat. Then, he washed his face, brushed his teeth using the toothbrush and toothpaste that he made himself, and changed into a comfortable robe that Angela already prepared for him.

When he got to the dining room, the aromatic breakfast was already prepared.

Fei shook his head and got rid of the questions and doubts in his mind.

With his two beautiful wives beside him, Fei’s mood instantly brightened up.

“Perhaps you have been too tired recently, and that is why you had a nightmare. In the next few days, you should just relax and not do anything,” Angela voiced her opinion and interfered with Fei’s plan, which was really rare. On the side, Valkyrie Elena nodded and supported Angela.

Fei thought for a moment and agreed. It was about time for him to rest a little. Since he came to the Azeroth Continent, it seemed like he had never gotten a good day of rest, and he was walking further away from his life goal of being a foolish king who drowned in lust.

However, it was in Fei’s fate that he had to work every day. Before he could finish his breakfast, trouble revisited him.

“Your Majesty! According to the reports of adventurers and merchants, some strange things have been happening in the Endless Sea of Forests behind the city.”

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