Chapter 975: Possible Beast Surge? (Part One)

“About ten days ago, the demon beasts in the Endless Sea of Forests started to become frantic, and they got aggressive. Also, many adventurers and mercenaries who ventured deep into the forests had reported to the tax officers at the checkpoints several times. More and more demon beasts have gathered at the edge of the forests; the number of demon beasts has increased by about four times. From our recent investigations, this is true. Also, the situation is deteriorating. More and more demon beasts are rushing to the edge of the forests from the depths. It seemed like they are in fear, and a terrifying force is still pushing them out of the forests.”

Bronze Saint Hazard of Cygnus single-kneeled in front of Fei and reported.

“Please get up.”

Fei started to ponder after hearing the report.

Such a strange situation happening in the Endless Sea of Forests wasn’t good news for Chambord.

According to the ancient documents, occasionally, a massive-scale Beast Surge would happen in the Endless Sea of Forests due to some mysterious reasons. The demon beasts in the forests would get aggressive and defensive, and they would rush out of the forests like terrifying waves. Wherever they went, they would only leave behind white bones and corpses. There were always so many demon beasts that it was terrifying and impossible to stop them.

To humans, the Beast Surges were deadly.

In several cases, the Beast Surges made a few empires suffer great casualties. The provinces near the Endless Sea of Forests lost almost all of their population, and the administrative systems were paralyzed for years.

“Could it be that this is the sign that another Beast Surge is coming?” Fei wasn’t too sure.

Usually, there were many signs before a Beast Surge would occur, and the phenomenon that Hazard mentioned was only one of them. However, if a Beast Surge were really going to happen, Chambord better get ready. The worst-case scenario was that Chambord had to move out of the demon beasts’ way.

Due to the sheer large number of demon beasts, a few high-level masters couldn’t stop them. Like facing military ants, a human could easily kill a few, but this person would be devoured to the bare white bones if there were tens of millions of military ants.

“Since we are going to rest today, we can go and look around in the Endless Sea of Forests behind Chambord. We can treat it as a field trip, and we might be able to discover something.” Fei wasn’t anxious after making the plan.

After getting the report, Fei was dragged to the Administrative Hall by his father-in-law Bast and military leader Brook to host a morning meeting. Then, he went to Chambord’s Civil and Military University to teach his classes.

When the king got back at noon, the maids who received instructions earlier had prepared all the materials and tools for a picnic.


After a long howl, Blacky descended from the sky with the three hooligan-like dragons. They carried everyone and the Treasure-Seeking Beast toward the depths of the Endless Sea of Forests.

It was late in the spring and close to the summer, but the Endless Sea of Forests was at the northernmost edge of the continent, so it was still cold as the four seasons moved slower.

While looking down from the flying beasts, many places were still covered in white snow. However, some impatient plants couldn’t endure the loneliness and already started to grow. The sprinkles of green amongst the white made people feel refreshed and energetic.

Most of the demon beasts here had to hibernate, but it was already past that season. The demon beasts that woke up from the long sleep looked extremely active as they had to capture prey and restore their energy.

When the group ventured about 50 kilometers into the Endless Sea of Forests, the chirps of birds and roars of beasts already sounded from below.

Fei, Elena, and Angela sat on Blacky’s back. It was smooth and stable; they couldn’t sense any disturbance.

Under the stimulation of [Hulk Potion], this ordinary dog mutated and evolved into a new species.

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