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Hail the King Chapter 975.2

Chapter 975: Possible Beast Surge? (Part Two)

In the last year or so, its size didn’t get bigger, but its strength increased a lot. Right now, it was already at peak Half Moon. Except for the pair of wings on its back, the two bulges on its forehead turned into a pair of horns that could rival with quality weapons. As it opened its mouth and roared, streaks of fire and wind elements shot out; it already comprehended both wind-elemental and fire-elemental magic. Its black fur was smooth and shiny, looking like a sheet of silk as it glared under the sun. Under the fur, there was a layer of dense, hard scales. Fei had closely observed the scales and was surprised that these scales were mysterious. They formed natural magic arrays and almost made Blacky immune to magic attacks.

Due to the king and queens’ love, Blacky was now the legion commander of Chambord’s Demon Beast Legion. Even though the three dragons were far stronger than it, they were its henchmen and listened to its orders.

These four beasts’ flight speed was fast. In less than an hour, they were about 2,000 kilometers into the Endless Sea of Forests.

“Huh? Look! There is a crystal-blue lake! It is so pretty!” Angela suddenly discovered something and exclaimed.

A huge lake appeared not too far away. It was surrounded by white snow and green trees, making it looked like a giant piece of sapphire that was inlaid on the ground as it reflected a mesmerizing blue light.

The area around it was flat, and most of the snow around the lake had melted, revealing the green grass underneath. This place looked like a natural paradise.

Even the Treasure-Seeking Beast, who was always haughty, started to squeak in joy.

“Ok, it is indeed a great place. Let’s have the picnic there today! Haha!” Fei didn’t want to reject Angela’s recommendation, and he also liked that quiet place.

Blacky was smart and understood the conversation.

After a long roar, it flapped its wings and slowly descended.

The three hooligan-like dragons were carrying a few guards and maids, and they were still playful. They suddenly roared and dropped from the sky, scaring the pretty maids and making them ashen-faced. Then, they roared smugly and slowed down the descending speed.

“This is like the perfect vacation spot!”

This place was even more beautiful than they expected; they couldn’t see its true beauty from far away in the sky.

Before the temporary campsite could be set up, Angela and Elena already brought the maids to the lake and started playing. The shameless Treasure-Seeking Beast also joined the beauties and jumped into the lake, splashing water all over the place.

On the other side, the dozen-or-so guards set up the campsite and built the tents, and the scouts were already on the lookout, preventing demon beasts from charging into the area.

In reality, Blacky and the three dragons were emitting powerful auras, so no demon beasts would dare to run into the area. Also, this place was on the edge of Chambord’s control zone, so there shouldn’t be large demon beasts.

However, Fei didn’t stop them. After all, it was the guards’ responsibilities to do these things, and they would only feel comfortable after performing these duties.

Fei smacked the three hooligan-like dragons on the head and laughed, “You three naughty kids! Stop misbehaving and scaring people!”

The three dragons lowered their heads in shame.

In their minds, Fei was like their parent. Therefore, even though they got scolded, they were still intimate toward the king and rubbed their heads on him.

Seeing this amazing scene and the beauties and hearing the chatter and laughter, Fei suddenly felt relaxed and temporarily forgot about the mission of coming to the Endless Sea of Forests.

The sunlight at noon felt like the caress of a lover.

Fei set up a few more fire-elemental magic arrays by the lake, making this area even warmer.

Even though snow could be seen on the trees and further away on the ground, it wasn’t cold at all. Instead, it felt like summer, and people didn’t need to worry about getting a cold.

After the girls played around by the lake, they came back to the campsite while longing for more.

Surprisingly to them, they saw the king already cooking up a delicious lunch.

“Hahaha! Food is ready! Everyone has a share!”

After taking out a table, chairs, and utensils from his storage ring, Fei laughed and beckoned at everyone. The maids and guards were used to the king and queens’ casual attitude, and they sat down around the table and started eating the feast while chatting and laughing.

However, the next moment, a series of demon beasts’ rapid roars suddenly sounded, and the ground even started to shake.

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