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Hail the King Chapter 976.1

Chapter 976: The Chase in the Endless Sea of Forests (Part One)

The people who reacted first were the elite scouts of Chambord who insisted on standing on the high ground and being on the lookout.

In several flashes, they jumped to the top of a few trees and looked into the distance.

Right now, a large flock of birds flew into the sky as if they were startled by something, and the roars of demon beasts sounded anxious and tragic. The branches on the trees all swayed around like waves.

One of the scouts observed for a few seconds and jumped down before whispering something into Fei’s ear.

Blacky, who was napping on the beach, looked up and let out a series of muffled roars as a vicious light appeared in its eyes.

Thug, Chick, and Hooligan who were still playing in the lake and splashing water fluttered their wings and flew out. These three beasts who had already lost the honor of dragons got to Blacky’s side and had their guard up.

Fei slightly frowned.

Four impressive auras appeared in the depths of the Endless Sea of Forests, and they were fast approaching the lake. These four auras were all vast and powerful, but they all felt very different. However, one thing was the same, which was that they were all filled with intense murderous spirit. Wherever they went, the demon beasts that resided in the area instinctively sensed danger and fled their territories.

“Come back,” Fei ordered the scouts to pull back.

Ordinary Star-Level Warriors couldn’t deal with the level of force that appeared in the depths of the Endless Sea of Forests.


Suddenly, the mountain-like Blacky stood up and roared like the emperor of demon beasts, and its roar resonated and echoed in the sky, quickly rushed to the surroundings as if it had issued an order.

In the next moment, a series of roars sounded as if demon beasts were responding to Blacky.

Suddenly, everyone sensed a mystical sensation. It seemed like the demon beasts who were chaotic and whining in fear suddenly found their backbone after hearing Blacky’s roar, and they overcame the fear in their minds. Like a defeated troop that suddenly ran into reinforcements, the demon beasts roared in sequence, and all of them, big and small, changed the direction of their escape and rushed toward the lake in order.

Fei looked at Blacky in surprise.

“Since when did this big guy get so dashing?”

In the blink of an eye, many demon beasts ran out of the forest and appeared by the edge of the lake at different speeds. Gradually, the entire lake was surrounded as there were at least 10,000 of them.

Amongst the demon beasts, there were demonic bears, wild wolves, porcupines, wild pythons, long-armed apes, wind rabbits…

It looked like an exhibition of all types of demon beasts. Their strengths were different, but most of them were below Moon-Class.

This large group of demon beasts laid on the ground, and then they looked up at the sky while roaring in the direction of Blacky and the three dragons. It seemed like they were civilians who were bowing at their emperor. They looked to be tamed and didn’t attack Fei and others, appearing smart and human-like.

Except for humans, only the Treasure-Seeking Beast, Little Raccoon, ignored Blacky and the three dragons’ auras and dominating presences. Little Raccoon stood on Fei’s shoulder and squeaked, looking very displeased as these beasts only paid respect to Blacky and the dragons while ignoring it, a noble amongst demon beasts.

At this moment, Blacky looked like the emperor of all animals, majestic and unshakeable.

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  1. Just realize author already forgotten that human can become moon class elite with either using special weapon or made contract with these demonic beast.

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