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Hail the King Chapter 977.1

Chapter 977: El Shaarawy (Part One)

Fei lightly moved forward and stood in front of Angela and the maids. Then, a streak of invisible energy rushed into the sky and blocked the terrifying energy wave created by this unparalleled master’s crash, preventing others from getting harmed.

Blacky roared and rushed to Fei and other’s side with the three dragons, creating a series of booming noises and leaving lines of footprints on the ground.

After the dust settled, the purple flames spread in all directions, and one figure stood in front of them.

This man wasn’t tall; he was only about 1.78 meters in height. Also, he was thin. However, he stood there with his back straight and looked like his body held a ton of force.

The purple flames burned around him and circled him, but the most eye-catching thing was his hair. His long purple hair was styled into a mohawk, making him look like a dominating, human-shaped dragon and shocking everyone who looked at him.

Even though this man was quite injured, his strength was still at peak Burning-Sun Realm which was impressive.

“Purple long hair, purple flames, thin body, mohawk hair… could it be…” Fei suddenly thought of something and recalled a document that the [Letter Office] gave him. It recorded all the information of the top-tier masters on the continent, and Fei instantly thought of a person in it.

-At this moment-

“Hahaha! Shaarawy, you can’t run anymore! Surrender and wait for death!”

A series of arrogant laughter resonated in the sky like rumbling thunder.

The three masters of the Holy Church who were chasing after this man instantly appeared in the sky above the lake while being engulfed in silver light. The three didn’t attack right away. Instead, they changed positions and slowly came to the area from three directions, surrounding the man in purple flames alongside Fei and others.

From the sky, a vast holy power pressed down like a giant mountain; these people weren’t showing any mercy even after seeing Fei and others.

However, Fei didn’t pay attention to these three people.

The king’s sharp eyes stared at this figure engulfed in purple flames, and he confirmed his guess after hearing the roar of that master of the Holy Church.

El Shaarawy, it was a famous name that was always in the spotlight. In the AC Milan Empire in the Central Region of Azeroth, this name was the synonym for the God of War.

You sometimes must admit that geniuses do exist in this world.

Learning cultivation at the age of three, becoming a Star-Level Warrior at the age of four, transforming into a Moon-Class Elite at the age of ten, entering the Sun-Class Realm at the age of 20…

This man named El Shaarawy had unrivaled talent in cultivation, and it could be said that these kinds of people would only come by a few times in 1,000 years.

This man obtained fame at a young age, and he was always in the spotlight. In both cultivation and military matters, his talent was rare. He became a general of the level 9 AC Milan Empire about ten years ago, and he was one of the most well-known young lords on the continent. Together with another genius of the AC Milan Empire, Alexandre Pato, these two were known as Dual Geniuses of AC Milan, and they were far more famous than Fei.

About half a year ago, the Holy Church suddenly got into a war with the three giant empires in the Central Region, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus. It was heard that the young lords in these three empires were all being chased and hunted down by the godly execution teams from the Holy Mountain, which was the headquarters of the Holy Church. Some people even claimed that these young lords were all killed.

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