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Hail the King Chapter 977.2

Chapter 977: El Shaarawy (Part Two)

This was unexpected; Shaarawy didn’t die. Instead, he fled all the way to the Chambord Kingdom in the Northern Region.

However, from the looks of it, this talented genius of the AC Milan Empire wasn’t in a good situation. He was severely injured, and the masters of the Holy Church surrounded him.

As if he sensed the intention in Fei’s sharp eyes, Shaarawy slowly pulled the purple flames into his body and revealed his face. This man was handsome, and his eyes were bright. If someone only paid attention to his face and ignored the dominant, sharp, and wild presence, he could be mistaken as a beautiful girl.

It was clear that Shaarawy sensed Fei’s power, and he looked a bit surprised as a streak of purple light flashed in his bright eyes.

Right now, Shaarawy looked calm and elegant; he didn’t look like someone who had been chased for tens of thousands of kilometers.

He ignored the three masters of the Holy Church who were descending from the sky, and he also didn’t look like he planned to flee. Instead, he slowly straightened his clothes before fixing his mohawk hair. Then, he observed Fei with interest as if he were a casual tourist.

Fei’s eyes moved away from Shaarawy and looked at the three unrivaled masters of the Holy Church who were surrounding them from three directions.

These three people should be the executioners in the rumored godly execution team of the Holy Church that came out of the Holy Mountain to hunt down the young lords in those three empires.

One of them was quite thin and short. Also, he was bald and didn’t have eyebrows and beard. A lot of wrinkles could be seen on his face, and he looked old. However, despite all the strangeness, terrifying energy was hidden in the depths of his eyes that seemed cloudy.

Fei could tell from the auras that this man was the most powerful one among the three.

Out of the other two masters of the Holy Church, one of them was also bald, fat like a pig, but his eagle-like sharp eyes hid some cunning and viciousness that only high-level members of the Holy Church had. The last person had short brown hair and a broad face. He was burly, silent, and looked more like a master compared to the other two.

These three people moved closer to the lake from three directions.

When they landed, they didn’t pull back their vast silver holy power. Instead, they released even more holy power. The ocean-like holy power engulfed the area and locked all the possible escape paths. If Fei didn’t eliminate all the invisible forces that carried terrifying suppression, Angela, the maids, and the guards would have been severely injured already.

The fat priest’s eyes were sharp like blades. When he glanced at everyone here, he saw Angela and Elena, and a trace of surprise and lust flashed in his eyes. Although he hid it well, Fei clearly sensed it.

Since a light was flashing in this fast priest’ eyes, it meant that he was planning something.

However, when he saw the four giant beasts behind Fei, especially when he saw Thug, Chick, and Hooligan, he was so shocked that his face changed color.

At this moment, the other two masters of the Holy Church also spotted the three dragons.

Right now, the members of the Holy Church were fighting with the Dragon Clan at Sicily Island, and no one knew what the outcome was going to be like.

As the only force that dared to oppose the Holy Church in the recent 1,000 years, the dragons were mortal enemies to the priests and holy knights of the Holy Church.

When suddenly seeing these three giant dragons, these three masters of the Holy Church were secretly shocked.

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  1. LadyRedHood

    how much do you want to bet that the holy church will use the dragons as an excuse to attack Chambord. 😏

  2. Ballsaks

    That’s is only if fei don’t kill them

  3. Rissay Ibrahimi

    Well … The holy church doesnt stand a chance. I somehow highly doubt that they have somebody beyond a peak demi-god

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