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Hail the King Chapter 978.1

Chapter 978: Don’t Blame Me for Being Merciless (Part One)

Soon, the three masters of the Holy Church heaved sighs of relief.

With their strength level, they quickly noticed that these three dragons were only at low-tier Burning Sun Realm, and they couldn’t threaten their lives. Therefore, these three priests shifted their attention onto Chambordians

Now, they were surprised to see that these people were all quite strong. They had thought that a few descendants of some noble families were trying to seek thrills with beauties under the protection of guards, but they discovered that the guards and maids were all young and around the strength of Six-Star and young. This was rare to see in the Northern Region of Azeroth, let alone this remote place.

However, they were most surprised by the two females and one male in the middle of these people.

The girl who had long black hair and was pure and beautiful like a goddess had a mysterious aura. It was extremely noble, making her look like a real goddess. The three priests looked at her and felt ashamed and low.

The beautiful girl beside her had long red hair, and she was just as gorgeous. However, her aura was even more mysterious, and these three priests couldn’t see through her.

Most importantly, the young man who was standing in the very front stunned them. He looked only about 20 years old, and he was quietly standing there in his snow-white robe. Even though he looked like a hermit and didn’t emit any aura, the three priests felt like they were looking up at a tall mountain.

“Master! An insanely powerful master!” The three priests of the Holy Church looked at each other and saw the shock and alertness in each other’s eyes.

As a result, the three of them instantly changed their arrogant attitude. The wrinkled priest who had no hair, eyebrows, and beard nodded at Fei and probed, “I’m Collina, the Sixth Execution Oracle of the Godly Execution Palace from Sicily Island, and these two are the Tenth and 11th Execution Oracle, Henning and Stoltenberg. We are chasing down an evil heretic. Who are you?”

“Hahaha! Three despicable hypocrites! What? After seeing this man’s strength, you decided to put away your arrogant demeanor? Fake as Hell! Yuck!”

Before Fei could respond, Young Lord El Shaarawy of the AC Milan Empire, who had been watching on the side with cold eyes, suddenly laughed and cussed, “If I say that you three have pig brains, would that be an insult or a compliment? This place is only about 2,000 kilometers away from Chambord, and this brother is in a white royal robe with his two beautiful queens by his side. In addition, even the maids and guards are way more powerful than ordinary people. Except for one person, can anyone else have this presence and strength?”

“The Human Emperor of the North?”

“The King of Chambord?”

“Sky Covering Fist?”

The three masters of the Holy Church almost gasped at the same time, and they called out three different titles.

After that, the three exchanged a look subconsciously.

This time, their expressions were all different.

However, before Collina who was in the lead could say anything, the fat 11th Execution Oracle Henning suddenly relaxed after hearing Fei’s identity, and he laughed loudly.

“Oh, it is Alexander! That is great! Mr. Collina, Mr. Stoltenberg, and I are hunting down this evil heretic, El Shaarawy. Alexander, as the bishop of the Black-Cloth Shrine, one of the shrines inside the Holy Church, why aren’t you quickly moving and capturing this evil heretic with us?”

After he said that, the expressions on Collina, Fei, and Shaarawy’s faces all changed.

Collina was displeased with Henning’s attitude.

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