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Hail the King Chapter 978.2

Chapter 978: Don’t Blame Me for Being Merciless (Part Two)

“From the assessment of the headquarters, Bishop Alexander of the Black-Cloth Shrine is a reckless and wild character. He had clashed with the people at the top of the church several times, and he even killed many high-level members of the Northern Regional Church before he inherited the Black-Cloth Shrine. In the battle during his wedding, the Northern Regional Church almost completely stood on the opposite side of this man.”

“Since this man is hostile toward the Holy Church, he won’t listen to the execution oracles and show any respect.”

“Henning simply shouting at Alexander this way probably displeased this man, and he just brought more changes into today’s mission.”

While Collina was thinking to himself, Shaarawy was thinking about something else.

“What? The Human Emperor of the North is the bishop of a shrine in the Holy Church? How come no one knows about it?”

“In the last ten years, the Holy Church has coronated 31 bishops of the shrines, but the King of Chambord isn’t on the list. Could it be that this man is one of the hidden chess pieces of these old dogs in the Holy Church? If this is the case, I’m in great danger right now.”

Fei’s face changed color since he disliked Henning’s commanding tone.

The king disliked the Holy Church in the first place. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have refused the summons from the headquarters of going to Sicily Island and battling dragons.

Therefore, after hearing Henning’s words, Fei sneered in his mind.

If it were more convenient, Fei would have at least beaten this fat priest half-dead and might have killed him for his words and the lust he had when he looked at Angela and Elena.

This change instantly made the atmosphere intense.

However, the fat Henning didn’t realize this at all.

Seeing Fei ignoring him, he got angry and shouted, “Alexander, are you deaf? I told you to move now and capture this heretic! Hmph!”

Then, Henning glanced at Elena and Angela while sneering and saying, “After this mission is over, you need to explain to me the situation with these three dragons. As the bishop of a shrine, how come you are standing with the Dragon Clan? If you can’t provide a good explanation, hehe, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

This ‘fat pig’ was used to being arrogant and getting away with things; he was beyond dumb.

Collina’s face changed color, and he knew that crap was about to hit the fan. However, he wasn’t able to stop this at all.

At this moment, a crisp shout sounded, and a blue light flashed while a chilliness appeared in the air before anyone could react.

The vicious smile was still on Henning’s face, but it was now turning into shock.

He wasn’t sure when, but a layer of blue ice appeared on his right shoulder and instantly covered more than half of his right arm. As if the ice had a life of its own, it was still spreading and engulfing this ‘fat pig’ in his entirety.

Henning screamed and roared while using his holy power to defend. With his strength, he finally got rid of this layer of ice after a while, but the right arm and shoulder section of his red magic robe shattered and fell like red butterflies, revealing his white and oily skin that looked like the bare pigskin.

Behind Fei, Valkyrie Elena who had been silent held her godly bow, and the bowstring that was a strand of light was pulled. Her smooth and pretty fingers clutched onto three magic crystal arrows created by the moisture in the air, and the mystical runes on the surface of the arrows showed her strength, which was beyond peak Burning Sun Realm.

The Valkyrie looked cold and murderous.

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  2. LadyRedHood

    kill the fat pig, kill!

  3. hijichikan

    Yess Queen

  4. Horse

    Everyone is quick to defend the MC but the “fat pig” is kind of right here
    He IS disobeying orders from superiors
    He IS colluding with enemies (dragons)
    He IS shielding wanted criminals

    From every angle he is wrong from the perspective of the church and they are right to demand an explanation

    • You are right. The only thing that is a bit dumb is that these people knew that Fei is almost an enemy, yet this Henning is still acting as if he is the boss.

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