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Hail the King Chapter 979.1

Chapter 979: The Face-Off (Part One)

Even though Elena moved, she was considerate and didn’t go overboard.

She had battled alongside Fei many times, and she understood Fei too well. She could understand what Fei’s intention was from one glance.

Therefore, she knew that the king didn’t want to kill this ‘fat pig’ this time, so she only wanted to teach this reckless and arrogant b*stard a lesson.

Elena had combined the strength of all of Fei’s seven mercenaries from the seven classes in Diablo World, and her strength had reached the Demi-God Realm. Also, she mainly used bow and arrows, which were close to assassination weapons. If she really wanted to, she could have instantly killed Henning.

Even though Henning wasn’t killed, he was scared to death.

When the Valkyrie’s arrow targeted him, Henning felt like the blade of the sickle of the Grim Reaper was tightly pressed on his neck. If he did anything wrong, he might be killed in the next moment.

Since Henning was now at a disadvantage, he didn’t dare to move.

In a battle between supreme masters, once one party was at a disadvantage, the momentum would roll and snowball! It was terrifying!

Henning sweated profusely, and his eyes opened wide like those of a dead fish. He was trying his best to break and defend against the Valkyrie’s aura.

On the side, Tenth Execution Oracle Stoltenberg looked at Collina whose expression turned ugly, and he sighed before walking up by one step and pointing out his finger.


A streak of sharp silver sword energy pierced toward the Valkyrie.

Stoltenberg wanted to break Elena’s aura and save Henning, but there was a hidden murderous spirit in it. It seemed like he wanted to teach Elena a lesson as well.

A cold grin appeared on Fei’s face, and a powerful light flashed in his eyes before he looked over.

The light dashed out of Fei’s eyes like solid beams, and it collided with the sword energy.


After a series of compact hissing noises sounded, the sword energy was shattered more than 100 meters away.

Stoltenberg was extremely shocked.

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Fei waved his hand, and Elena understood him and put away the bow.

On the other side, the fat Henning felt that the mountain-like pressure on his body finally disappeared, and the sensation that many needles were poking into his flesh was gone as well.

This guy was dumb like a brainless pig. After sensing that the pressure was gone, he was enraged and subconsciously cussed, “This is unforgivable! King of Chambord, do you want to rebe…”

Before he could finish his words, he instantly shut his mouth since Fei squinted his eyes with murderous spirit engulfing him.

“Fat Pig! If you want to die, then continue.”

Henning swallowed the saliva in his mouth, and his lips were a bit dry.

The sensation of death that Henning felt when Fei looked at him far surpassed the level when Elena pointed arrows at him. He felt like he was a pig that was tied to a table in a slaughterhouse. If he dared to make any noise, this man in front of him was going to kill him like taking out an animal.

Even though Henning was dumb and arrogant, he shivered in fear. The last few cuss words were reluctant to leave Henning’s mouth.

The atmosphere was abnormally intense.

Shaarawy’s eyes lit up as if he thought about something.

“Cough… uh… Alexander Your Majesty, the three of us don’t want to offend you, and we didn’t know you were here. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Since they were in the Chambord Kingdom’s territory, they had to lower their heads. Collina was an execution oracle who had a high ranking on the Holy Mountain at Sicily Island, and he was of prestigious status. His words were usually taken as orders, but he had to act soft and get over this incident.

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