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Hail the King Chapter 98

Chapter 98: If the Rain Wants to Come the Wind is Already Here

                That’s actually a 4-star magic bone?

The blonde-hair warrior finally recognized it and swallowed a deep breath.

Although he was standing very far away, he could still clearly feel the volatile fluctuation of magic from that golden bow. The cold chill shot up into the sky, just like a 4-star sorcerer standing there in the distance. Such force and atmosphere could only be exerted by a 4-star magic weapon.

Such 4-star magic weapons, for the star-level warriors, were absolute peerless treasures.

On the Azeroth continent, magic equipment and weapons could be divided into 9 star-levels according to their quality.

Levels 1 to 3, the bottom 3 star levels of magic weapons were relatively common and also very average, but levels 4-6, the middle 3 star levels and levels 7-9, the top 3 star levels of magic weapons were a lot rarer. In general, only high-level blacksmiths and magicians could forge 3-star level or higher magic weapons, and to all star-level warriors, a 3-star level and above magic weapon was even more important than their own life, and it was closely related to the warrior’s personal strength level-up.

If a warrior broke past the star-levels and evolve into moon-level elites, if he wanted to make further progress, there were three options – weapon leveling, beast leveling and physical body leveling.

Among these three moon-level elite’s training methods, weapon leveling was the most common one, and it was also the easiest and most effective one.

But if one wanted to pursue the weapon leveling path, he had to choose a high quality weapon as his spiritual weapon and train both the weapon and himself. To a moon-level elite, how far they could travel on their path of training depended on the quality and property of the chosen spiritual weapon, and the relationship between the man and weapon was complementary. Therefore, it was clear how important a high star-level weapon was. Although Aobina’s identity was the prince of a third-tier subsidiary city Thracian, even he didn’t have a 4-star level weapon, and that was why his face changed when Elena’s weapon appeared in his sight.

“If I can get that 4-star level long bow into my hands…”

Aobina’s mind started quickly running, his heart was about to beat out of his chest, and all of a sudden, the gentle and friendly image he originally gave to other people disappeared and his entire body exuded a violent atmosphere.

However, Aobina was an extremely cautious man.

That was why Thracian city sent him to Chambord City this time to execute a plan.

After staring at that group of female rogues for a long time, Aobina quickly estimated this group of females’ background, hesitated for a second, and finally this rationality overcame his greed. A 3-star level archer with a 4-star level high-quality longbow, her background was absolutely not simple, not to mention that in addition to that 3-star level red-haired peerless beauty, the other dozen girls were also exuding an atmosphere of warriors that weren’t below 1-star level. Such a force couldn’t be ignored; maybe, they came from a heavenly background.

The blonde-haired warrior Aobina eventually decided to be cautious and investigate a bit first.

He whispered a few words to a middle-aged guard beside him, and that guard turned around and disappeared into the crowd. Then, their group left, leaving behind two guards that were a bit clever to quietly follow Elena and the others.

Three hours later.

“These little guys, they were left behind by the girls?”

In the underground stone maze in the back mountains of Chambord city, Fei looked at the dozen of all kinds of starving baby cubs in the stone hall. His eyeballs were almost falling out from staring too much… Women ah, women, they are really strange creatures with maternal love.

“Yes, Your Highness. Before Miss Elena and the others left, they left these little guys here.”

Oleg, with an embarrassed face, was running around in circles like a nanny, feeding an active small golden hair Denglong fresh goat milk.

This Denglong’s appearance was just like a tiger, except the addition of two small wings on the back. It had a hairy, yet very cute look. It was just that the black and gem-like eyes always had a glint of vigilance, and regardless of how Oleg tried to appease it, it still refused to lick that fresh goat milk in the shallow plate.

Poor fatty, when had he ever encountered such a situation? He couldn’t beat the animals, and all he could do was sweat profusely.

Fei saw the scene and couldn’t help but laugh.

Elena and the others could only stay in the real world for about 4 hours, and when the time was up, they had to return to the Diablo world, but they couldn’t bring things from the real world to the Diablo world like Fei, so they could only leave these little guys at Oleg’s place. It’s just that although the fat man Oleg was indeed skilled at licking butts and buttering up to people, he was still far from being experienced in feeding these little cuties, which were even worse than those naked butt little kids on the Chambord City streets. No matter how much he tried, these little bastards just didn’t want to cooperate.

“Let me give it a try.”

Fei found it pretty interesting, so he took over the shallow plate of food from Oleg, smiled and came up to the golden hair Denglong to feed it. Who knew that the little guy didn’t even respect the king His Majesty, as it opened its black eyes, bared out its little tiger teeth, shivered its chubby body, and then turned in disdain. Making a very human-like action, it stuck out its a-s, kicked its hind leg and kicked away the silver plate, splashing all the white goat milk onto Fei.

Seeing this scene, even the blacksmiths and soldiers working in the distance secretly laughed.

Fei got angry from the embarrassment, and he was just about to raise his hand to give this guy a slap…

But, after seeing this little thing lying on the ground with a lowered head and its ears down and its eyes getting teary, Fei couldn’t bear to slap it, and reluctantly sighed, picked up the silver plate on the ground and looked around at the other small animals.

Fei had to admit that these little magic beasts were indeed very cute and “lethal” to him.

This Fishing Cat was like a small ball of fur with squinting eyes. It was said that this docile kitten, after reaching adult age, could reach about half a meter in size and could dive down hundreds of meters under water to capture giant fish. It was worthy of being called the king of the underwater world. There was also a little thing that looked nothing different from a normal parrot, but it had four legs and was covered with colorful feathers, with a sharp barb on its beak. It was said to be a type of extremely wise magic beast, and as long as it was trained properly, it could become proficient in languages of all the races in the world.

These little guys were colorful and all very furry, but they had timid looks, shrank into little balls, watching everyone with caution and doubt, and refusing to lick the fresh milk in front of them in any case.

Fei was getting close to opening up their mouth and pouring it in.

At that moment, Fei suddenly thought of something. Taking a new approach, he switched to [Druid Mode]. According to legends, Druids had the power of nature and were capable of getting close to any animals and plants, so it should be able to appease these little guys.

Sure enough, after Fei switched to [Druid Mode], something magical happened.

Fei felt as if he was merged with the air and was capable of clearly feeling the emotions of the small animals. The winged golden Denglong’s hostility was the most serious with a trace of fear, just like a lost little girl looking for its mom. The Fishing Cat was full of vigilance, the wind-wing parrot was considering a hunger strike or even suicide, and that white feather Owl beast was just like a philosopher, looking at everything with its cold eyes…

This was a very subtle feeling.

The small animals didn’t talk, but Fei was able to easily distinguish their emotions, like an open body of consciousness, and Fei became like their kind and merged into their group.

Fei tried using his most sincere mood to communicate with the little guys.

Then, something happened that left the prison official Oleg and many other soldiers staggered.

They just saw that those timid little creatures suddenly act as if they saw their own parents, cheering and intimately rushing towards Fei. The snow white Owl beast and Wind-Wing Parrot beast each occupied one of Fei’s shoulders, the chubby little Fishing Cat extended its sharp claws, climbed along Fei’s leg and easily got to the top and squatted in Fei’s hair. As for the cutest winged golden Denglong, it was already hungry to the point of almost fainting; it stumbled and bit onto Fei’s pants and didn’t want to let go no matter what.

Then, spending less than a minute or two, the little guys already cleaned up all the food that was brought to them, just as if they could understand Fei’s words or something. They became abnormally well-behaved, and the four little beats even brawled a bit just to fight for the comfiest spot on Fei…

This was the magical power of Druid.

The prison official Oleg just blankly stared as everything happened.

The unexpected discovery made Fei’s heart rejoice.

Being able to domesticate magic beasts had an extraordinary significance to him. If used properly, he could even try to build a magic beast army or form a magic beast knight legion. That way, Chambord city could significantly improve its strength and rule the world.

Fei happily teased the small animals, but just at that moment, his personal guard Fernando – Torres who had recently been following Drogba and the others with extreme training suddenly rushed out from the corridor over in the distance, and from afar he was already panting and shouting, “Your Majesty, hurry… Something happened at the palace, sir Best was injured, Miss Angela… she…”

The blonde haired teen’s face had panic written all over it.

A whirlwind in the air drew a sharp piercing roar, tearing the sky and suddenly coming out from the back mountains of Chambord city, shooting itself towards the palace’s direction. It attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone looked up.

A man’s silhouette was vaguely visible among the whirlwind, flashing on and off in the sky, and instantly charged into the palace. After the silhouette disappeared, the path it traveled left an irresistible and lingering pressure, and everyone in the city couldn’t help but get a chill down their spines.

In a dark corner of Chambord city, a figure that hid his whole body in a black cloak looked up at the powerful atmosphere in the sky and then bowed down into deep thought, “It’s him, it’s definitely him. Damn, this idiot indeed became stronger, it looks like I have to make some changes to my plan…”

At the same time, at the ex-military official Kongka’s mansion.

Under the fragrant flowers under the tree, the wind blew up an elegant woman’s chrysanthemum-like soft long hair. She sat on the stone chair and looked up. A touch of joy quickly flashed across her eyes as she softly asked, “Roman, this scent…”

“It’s that guy, he became stronger again. That speed, it’s truly incredible.” Behind that woman, under the wooden frame which the long vines spread, the blonde knight who had a baby face and a charming smile on his always-placid face, showed a trace of surprise.

At this moment, a mighty female warrior came in from the courtyard, leaned over the woman’s side and said a few words.

“Oh? Those demons and monsters indeed all came? Very well, you guys go and prepare too.” The woman listened, smiled, and confidently said, “This time, let him break an arm.”

“Understood, Your Highness.”

The two were about to leave with orders when they heard the woman suddenly say, “Oh right, remember to tell little prince, let him better not go out these days and just stay in the mansion peacefully… Also, pass on my command, let that guy come and see me. As a courtier, it’s time for him to visit his master.”

“Understood, Your Highness.”

The female warrior and the blonde knight walked out of the yard.

The elegant woman sat quietly on the stone chair and felt that clear scent of pressure in the air. No one knew what kind of storm was brewing inside that terrifying head of hers that scared countless St. Petersburg’s nobles.

A few pieces of yellow leaves were blown off from the branches, looking very lonely and floating in front of the woman’s eyes.

“My time is running out, big brother, let me help you once again for the last time.”

At the same time.

At the guest house of Chambord City.

In a quiet little courtyard, Trace’s prince Aobina looked shockingly at the lingering powerful breath in the air, “Who is this? What a powerful strength, it must be at least 4-stars of power… He went to the palace’s direction. Could it be a master of the Chambord City?”

“Okocha, quickly investigate that man’s origin.” Aobina ordered a guard beside him.

The guard named Okocha immediately took the order and left the yard.

“Teacher, do you think this mysterious master will affect our plan?” After dismissing all the guards around him, Aobina suddenly thought of something and started asking towards the air in front of him.

The next second, a group of visible ripples formed in the air, and slowly, a thin and short figure came out from thin air in front of him.

This mysterious person was wrapped in a white cloth, and even his face was covered up in it. With a hoarse voice, he said, “A mysterious 4 star-level master will indeed become a variable. Investigate him, and before the event takes place, if necessary, kill him.”

“This mysterious master revealed a very powerful strength. I don’t have complete certainty to kill him. After investigating his background, I hope that teacher can personally take care of it.” Aobina was always revealing his cautious character.


Saving words like it was gold, after saying a single word, the ripples in the air once again swung open, and this white figure disappeared into the air. Even the strange powerful atmosphere that came with him also disappeared without a trace.

A horrifying stealth technique.

Behind the Chambord City church, inside a very secluded garden.

A young blonde young man also felt the powerful thrilling breath in the air. He tightly locked his brows and asked, “Who is it? It originated from the back mountain, could it be…”

The thought of this shocked this young blonde beautiful man.

In silence.

As if making some kind of decision.

Chambord city was still lively.

However, an invisible storm was quietly and secretly brewing.

The rain storm was coming and the wind was already here.

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