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Hail the King Chapter 980.1

Chapter 980: Put an End to It (Part One)

If Fei knew what these three priests were thinking about, he might be so angry that he would puke up some blood.

Seeing Fei not responding, Shaarawy laughed and continued persuading.

“The Holy Church looks moral and just on the surface, but they are just a bunch of hypocrites. They are fooling the innocent people using the name of gods, and they use them to do shady and shameless acts to benefit themselves. In the last 1,000 years, they killed anyone who opposed them and burned down nations! The three great empires in the Central Region are named heretics since we discovered Sicily Island’s evil plan of trying to dominate the continent and enslave all humans. Hehehe, I would say that the hypocritical Holy Church is the biggest heretic there is! They are vicious and cruel, and they planned for 1,000 years and are trying to use humans as the sacrifice for the ritual. They are sickening! Do you still remember what happened in the Capital of Leon a year and a half ago? That vast accumulation of holy power…”

“Shut up!”

“Stop talking!”

“Damn it!”

Hearing all this, Collina and the other two oracles shouted with livid expressions.

Fei was startled by Shaarawy’s words and thought back to when he was imprisoned inside the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] in the church at the Capital of Leon.

Just when he was about to break out, that godly-tier array was strengthened by a vast, terrifying amount of holy power that exploded out of the church, locking him back inside.

The entire Northern Region of Azeroth couldn’t imagine that level of energy; even a demi-god-level priest couldn’t suddenly unleash that level of power with the tens of millions of believers inside the Capital of Leon.

Back then, Fei vaguely felt that something was off, but he didn’t think too much about it as he had more important things to handle.

Not long after that incident, the [Letter Office] reported to the king that all the members of the Holy Church inside the Capital of Leon, regardless of their position and age, disappeared and couldn’t be found, and new faces took over.

At that time, Fei simply thought that the decision-makers at the Holy Church were enraged that he got away and vent their anger on the ordinary priests by removing them, but now it seemed like there was more to it.

Also, there was Emperor Juninho of Leon’s reaction…

All the questions on Fei’s mind started to clear up after hearing Shaarawy’s words. It felt as if candles were lit, and the light was shining through the intense mist.

“Could it be that the appearance of the vast amount of holy power revealed some secrets regarding the Holy Church? Also, the Holy Church suddenly attacked the three great empires in the Central Region… is it really what Shaarawy said? The royal families of these three empires obtained the secrets of the Holy Church that this organization doesn’t want to be publicized?”

Seeing that Fei was moved, Shaarawy was thrilled and struck the iron while it was hot.

“Hahaha! Now, the Holy Church is being attacked by the Dragon Clan! After close to four months, they still can’t seem to break through and are in big trouble. They can’t manage everything at the moment. This is the perfect opportunity to remove this poisonous tumor for humans. King of Chambord, you are a valiant figure, and you have the title of the Human Emperor of the North. You are admired and worshipped by tens of millions of people in the Northern Region; aren’t you willing to do something for humanity? The Chaos Era is coming, and the other races are appearing. Humans are at a critical turning point. Can’t you see this? Join us! Let’s tear through the barriers and shine a light on all the crimes that the Holy Church has committed, creating peace and longevity for humans! That way, you will do your strength and your title as a young lord justice!”

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