Chapter 981: The Reliance (Part One)

“Hahaha! King of Chambord, sorry about this. The battlefield for today must be here. If it affects Chambord City… Hahaha! I’m sure you can protect it. It is a pity that your broad worldview is so small, and you are only willing to protect one city. When a nest is crushed, all the eggs inside will break. Since the world is already like this, how can you keep your kingdom’s peace if you don’t put the world back together? I hope you won’t disappoint us!”

While laughing, Shaarawy struck his purple ax forward heroically. The purple heavenly flames gushed out in all directions, and it seemed like the world was being burned down.

In a flash, Shaarawy already started to battle Collina.

Fei lightly shook his head and didn’t reject Shaarawy’s opinion, and he also didn’t interfere with the battle.

Instead, he waved his hand, and everyone else backed away 100 meters. The king protected Angela, the maids, the guards, and the many demon beasts that hid on the south side of the lake. Regardless of how powerful the residual energy from the battle was, it would instantly disappear when it was close to 100 meters of Fei like snowflakes falling into lava.

The fact that Fei backed off showed his stance in this situation; he wasn’t going to help anyone here.

Although this decision enraged the three execution oracles, they also calmed down a little and relaxed.

From their perspective, as long as Fei didn’t intervene, capturing and killing Shaarawy was set in stone.

As a result, the battle broke out without control.

Although Shaarawy looked gorgeous and weak like a beautiful girl, his combat style was savage and violent. His moves were broad and open, not using minuscule techniques but pure strength. It felt like he didn’t care about his life and only wanted to kill his enemy. The atmosphere was tragic.

The giant ax in his hand was almost twice his height, and it perfectly merged power and beauty. The visual shock that this ax brought to people was insane.

As an execution oracle, Collina’s blood-red godly robe was precious; it was a rare magic robe. Faced with Shaarawy’s rapid attacks, he was taken by surprise, but he wasn’t at a disadvantage.

Collina instantly summoned his wand and sang the Holy Battle Prayer.

The massive amount of energy inside this high-level magic wand was quickly activated by this execution oracle. An advanced spell was used with ease, and a set of armor condensed from holy power protected him from all angles. As the battle went on, the noises sounded like the roars of gods and resonated in the sky. The majestic and just auras emitted from Collina’s body could make all enemies fearful and want to submit.

This was the sign that a person had cultivated the holy power of the Holy Church to an extreme degree! It wasn’t far from the top realm where everything that a person said would become the laws of nature.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The purple heavenly flames and the shiny silver holy power collided.

Shaarawy attacked aggressively as if he were mad, and Collina could do nothing but back off.

After all, priests weren’t masters in close-range combat. If Collina couldn’t create some distance between him and Shaarawy, he wouldn’t be able to unleash his full force. However, the issue was that he couldn’t get too far away to battle. Once the three priests of the Holy Church no longer were close enough to Shaarawy, this young lord could easily get away.

At this moment, Tenth Execution Oracle Stoltenberg suddenly frowned and sneak-attacked. He pulled his right hand back as if he were about to throw something, and a giant silver dragon lance appeared in his hand. In a flash, this lance appeared behind Shaarawy.

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