Chapter 982: Carefully Planned Trap (Part One)

“Shaarawy, we will give you one last chance; swear loyalty to Sicily Island! You can still be a young lord who is looked up by tens of millions of people in the Central Region, and you will be supported by the Holy Church. With your talent, you might even be able to become a god in the future. Otherwise, this place will become your burial ground today!”

After successfully injuring Shaarawy, Collina was elated and showed it on his face.

Shaarawy’s waist was injured, and his movement ability was greatly hindered.

On the side of the Holy Church, Stoltenberg was only knocked away, and Henning hadn’t moved yet. While Shaarawy was getting more injured compared to the three execution oracles, the scale of victory was slowly tilting toward the Holy Church.

Since they had the advantage, Collina didn’t forget the order that they received before they took this mission. If they could recruit a super talented genius like Shaarawy, it would be much better than killing him.

“Yuck! I’m the leader of millions of soldiers in a level 9 empire! What are you? Nothing but a timid and spineless dog! How dare you try to recruit me? It seems like you don’t know your place!” Shaarawy instantly laughed after hearing that, and he cussed in anger.

The disdain on his face showed the contempt that he had toward the execution oracles from the bottom of his heart; it felt like a great dragon was speaking to an ant.

Shaarawy wiped his left hand on the wound in his waist, and a mass of purple heavenly flames burned on it. As a result, the big wound quickly healed up.

Collina was so infuriated that his old face almost turned completely red due to anger. While fire shot out of his eyes, he extinguished the hope of recruiting this young lord and chanted a spell, trying to kill this young man as quickly as he could.

Suddenly, Shaarawy changed his combat style. He shifted his focus onto speed and started to dash around; it seemed like he was trying his best to buy time to recover.

“Humph! Since you aren’t willing to work for us, die!” Murderous spirit appeared in Collina’s eyes, and bright silver flames engulfed his body.

A series of ethereal and distance chants resonated in the sky, and more than a dozen [Swords of Judgement] condensed in front of Collina. The tips of the swords pointed at Shaarawy, and faint silver light circles shot out of every single sword. Then, these swords started to quickly merge with each other. Every time two swords became one, the energy fluctuations from it skyrocketed more than ten times.

This was a spell that consumed quite a lot of time.

However, once more than ten [Swords of Judgment] merged, they could turn into one [Sword of the Gods]. Collina was confident that he could take away half of Shaarawy’s life with this one strike.

He only decided to use this forbidden-spell-level technique since Shaarawy’s waist was injured and could no longer attack as aggressively and quickly as before, and Henning was standing on the side and could offer help if needed.

However, Shaarawy suddenly stopped dodging when facing this attack. Also, it didn’t seem like he was going to fight back. Instead, with a strange smile on his face, Shaarawy looked at Collina as if he were teasing this execution oracle.

The strange smile finally made this execution oracle sense an ominous feeling.

Collina suddenly felt like something was off; he had ignored something so far.

While he continued to carefully cast this spell, he glanced at Shaarawy and saw the surface of the blue lake that had faint ripples with his peripheral vision.

At this moment, Collina almost bit his tongue, and his mind turned blank; he finally realized what was wrong.

After he got knocked into the lake, Stoltenberg still hadn’t gotten out yet. If Collina didn’t have a great understanding of Stoltenberg’s strength, he would think that the latter had drowned in the lake.

“A Sun-Class Lord who drowned? What is going on?” Collina thought to himself, “Could it be that Shaarawy’s strike instantly killed Stoltenberg? That is impossible! Although Shaarawy is powerful, most of his energy has been consumed since we chased him for so long.”

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