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Hail the King Chapter 983.1

Chapter 983: Standing on The Outside (Part One)

Fei suddenly felt like the Endless Sea of Forests was shining with stars today; the most top-tier masters of the Central Region gathered here.

This was clearly a well-planned trap, and it was designed to kill.

Now, Fei already felt a little sympathetic toward Collina and the other two.

The fact that these people got together and planned this trap meant that Collina, Henning, and Stoltenberg’s names were already checked in red on the Grim Reaper’s account book. It was hard to tell if they should feel honored or sad.

“Alexandre Pato, Rodrigo Palacio, Diego Milito, and Antonio Cassano…” Collina murmured with a bitter smile on his face. Every time he said one name, the desperation in his mind intensified.

These five people were the most famous five young lords in the Central Region.

Every one of them was on par if not stronger than an execution oracle.

Collina’s eyes finally landed back on Shaarawy, and he sighed in desperation, “I didn’t expect this at all. This is too sudden. The [Two Unparalleled Geniuses] of the AC Milan Empire and the [Three Bloody Generals] of the Inter Milan Empire all moved because of us. You guys really planned this out…”

The five young lords didn’t respond to his words.

Collina laughed tragically and continued, “Hehe, haha! It seems like we can’t escape from death, right? Huh… El Shaarawy, you exposed your whereabouts to us on purpose, huh? You tried to lure the three of us here intentionally, right?”

“You got it,” Shaarawy responded with a teasing smile.

“Using the lake as a hiding place… great plan! You guys engraved a god-tier magic array at the bottom of the lake to hide your auras, and the water covered the magic energy flames. That way, you avoided being detected by the three of us, and you successfully ambushed us. Is this why you decided to battle by the lake?”

“That is right.”

“So, could it be that the King of Chambord appeared here as a part of your plan?”

“That isn’t correct.” Shaarawy shook his head and said, “This is just a coincidence.”

Hearing that, Collina looked at Fei as some hope appeared in his eyes. Suddenly, he turned around and shouted at Shaarawy and others in anger, “How dare you?! You planned all this to ambush and kill execution oracles of the Holy Church! Aren’t you afraid of being killed by tens of thousands of blades?”

“Stop joking,” Shaarawy laughed and looked at Collina as if he were looking at an idiot. He mocked, “Right now, the Holy Church and the three empires are like fire and water; there is no way out of this. The conflict will only end with one party dead! There is nothing to talk about! What? You want us to wash our necks and extend them so that you can chop down with sabers? Stop saying nonsense to waste time! Collina, take out the dignity and presence of an execution oracle! Battle me like a man! Don’t stain the honor of the masters!”

Collina fell into a moment of silence.

Now, the dumb Henning finally realized the situation.

A shocked and terrified expression appeared on his oily, fat face. While looking at Stoltenberg’s cold corpse, Henning felt like a powerful hand of death clenched his throat, and he had a hard time breathing.

If it weren’t for the wide red godly robe, his shaky legs that were as soft as noodles would be exposed in everyone’s eyes.

A moment earlier, he was still dreaming about easily completing this mission, and he already felt smug. However, he suddenly turned into a fat pig who was waiting to be slaughtered. If the young lords of the two powerful empires didn’t surround them and block all the escape paths, he would have ditched Collina and ran.

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