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Hail the King Chapter 983.2

Chapter 983: Standing on The Outside (Part Two)

Suddenly, Henning thought of something.

“King of Chambord! Alexander! You are the bishop of the [Black-Cloth Shrine], so you must save us! Do you hear me?”

Henning stared at Fei and shouted, and he looked like a drowning man who was trying to clutch at a straw, which was the king in this case.

This ‘fat pig’ was worked up. Like a rabbit that was blocked in a dead-end, Henning shouted in desperation as his eyes got all red, “I’m ordering you! As an execution oracle, I command you to protect us and take us out of here! You need to stall…”

Right now, Fei didn’t know what to say; he didn’t know how and why this fat man was an execution oracle.

With such low intelligence, he somehow became a peak Burning Sun Lord and took a seat as an execution oracle on the Holy Mountain at Sicily Island; how lucky must this man be?

“Even in this situation, this fat pig is still talking to me like a superior? Order? Order your granddaddy!” Fei thought to himself.

On the other hand, Collina gradually calmed down.

While looking at Fei, Collina said earnestly, “Alexander Your Majesty, I know that you don’t get along with the Northern Regional Church, so it makes sense that you don’t want to help us capture Shaarawy. However, the situation is different now. We are execution oracles from the Holy Mountain, and we represent the entire Holy Church. We are peers and comrades. Now that the Holy Church is in such a worrisome state, can’t you drop the grudge of previous conflicts and face the enemies of the god? After all, you are a [God’s Favorite Child]. Do you really want to see the subjects of Father Lord die here?”

Without question, Collina and Henning’s lives depended on Fei today.

Although Stoltenberg was already dead, Collina knew that Fei and Elena’s strength combined was at least on par if not stronger than this dead execution oracle.

If Fei decided to stand with the execution oracles, the ratio of masters would become four to five. Even if the four of them couldn’t defeat Shaarawy and the other four young lords, they could make it out of here alive.

Hearing Collina’s words, the five young lords turned their attention to Fei as well.

“If the Human Emperor of the North gets involved, this situation will be tough,” they thought to themselves.

They had no idea that the perfect trap they created would become this passive with the coincidental appearance of the Human Emperor of the North. People can make plans, but it is up to fate to grant success.

To everyone’s surprise, Fei shook his head and rejected Collina’s suggestion without hesitation.

“We are different; we are different people and are on different paths. Even if you guys win, I will kill that fat pig.” Fei pointed at Henning and sneered, “Fat Pig, do you really think that a dirty man like you can look at my women in lust? I was planning to dig out your dirty eyes and feed them to the dog, but since there are people who want to kill you, I don’t need to move anymore and dirty my hands!”

“You…” Henning was so angry that he instantly wanted to cuss back.

However, when he saw Fei’s murderous stare, a chill rushed into his brain from the bottom of his spine, and he couldn’t get a single word out as if someone clenched his throat.

In the meantime, Blacky who was standing by the lake growled in displeasure; it was telling the king that it wouldn’t eat such dirty eyes.

“Hahaha! King of Chambord, you sure didn’t disappoint me. When you are offended, you dare to draw your weapon in the face of power! You are a real man!” Shaarawy laughed and said, “However, if you can put yourself on a higher level, all humans on the continent will benefit.”

It seemed like this young lord was very fond of Fei, and he invited the king again.

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  1. Lets ambush these people nearby chambold, with the knowledge of how great a range of effect our abilities have, that can’t possibly draw in the king of Chambold. Nope, no way.

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      Ikr, we’re sun-class lords anyway, as if there is a demi-god in the north.

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    Hahahaha. Nah I think Fei will recruit them. He is the MC afterall

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