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Hail the King Chapter 984.1

Chapter 984: Choosing Opponents (Part One)

Fei quickly interrupted Shaarawy and said, “Ok, ok, ok. We can talk about this later. You guys should deal with your issue first.”

The king didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

Shaarawy opened his mouth again but quickly shook his head in disappointment.

Instead of persuading the king further, this young lord turned around and said to Collina and Henning, “You two, you can each pick an opponent; we won’t fight you with more people. Now if you die in a one-on-one battle, you can’t say that we bullied you, and you should die willingly without holding grudges.”

Now, Collina became calmer and calmer.

Since he saw death as a path to peace and wasn’t frantic, others’ opinion of him got even better.

Collina shook his head and said firmly, “There is no need; you guys can attack together. We are children of the god, and we don’t fear powerful enemies and evil. At this moment where the honor of God must be protected, I, Collina, will never back off. Evil will one day be eliminated by justice.”

Shaarawy said in contempt, “Stop joking around. What are you pretending for? Do you think nobles of level 9 empires like us will attack you with the numbers advantage like what you guys do? That is despicable and shameless. We created this plan just to have a chance to fight fair and square. Stop wasting time on talking. Out of the five of us, you can pick an opponent. If you win, you can leave here alive.”

“Really?” Fat Henning was elated, and his ‘intelligence’ was displayed again. He couldn’t wait and pointed at Shaarawy while shouting, “I pick you! I pick you! If I win, you will really let me leave?”

Henning wanted to quickly pick Shaarawy since this young lord was quite injured in the prior battle, and he had been chased for tens of thousands of kilometers, depleting a lot of warrior energy. It seemed like he was the weakest among the five young lords, so Henning thought that his chance of survival was higher when fighting Shaarawy.

Collina shook his head, and so did Fei.

Henning was really dumber than a pig.

What kind of a person was Shaarawy?

None of the masters here right now were simple figures. The five young lords were famous and influential in the Central Region, and there was a reason for it.

Pato, Milito, and others didn’t interrupt Shaarawy and went along with his suggestion; it meant that they agreed with this young lord.

None of these young lords were dumb, and they must have considered Shaarawy’s current situation.

Every one of them was mighty and had great confidence. If Henning thought that he got an easy target since Shaarawy was injured, he just sought death.

With a disgusted expression, Shaarawy spat and said in displeasure, “Damn, it is going to be me who has to kill a no-balls coward like you; there will be no sense of achievement. Besides, my hands will be dirtied. However, what I said is set in stone. Come on, if you can take three strikes from me, you can leave here alive.”

“Hahahaha! You said that yourself!” Henning was elated, and a vicious smile appeared on his face.

“I have hidden strength, so taking three strikes isn’t going to be a problem.”

“This little kid of the AC Milan Empire sure is arrogant. Hehe, after I successfully leave here, I will instantly get in contact with the rest of the Execution Department and other masters of the Holy Church. I will come back for revenge and kill these heretics. Also, that King of Chambord. Don’t you care a lot about your two women? I must get them and play with them! You are only the king of a little affiliated kingdom and the bishop of a shrine that is going to go extinct. What can you do to me?” Henning thought to himself and already started to plan his revenge.

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  1. Flying horse

    And then Henning promptly wiped the floor with purple fire dude , proving that a “stupid but top-level expert” character is just lazy writing that wouldn’t fit with the rules of the word and would simply look like the author wanted a high level bady and a throwaway character combined in one but ultimately failing to do either

    And that would be impossible , right ? !

  2. Fimbulwinter

    Even if that guy would win Fei would still kill him. Why would he care about the rules the other people set for themselves? This guy is really delusional :’)

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