Chapter 984: Choosing Opponents (Part Two)

Full of confidence, Henning started to chant and summon a ton of magic shields. Then, he slowly floated into the air as he cast holy power magic spells.

As a high-level member of the Holy Church, he knew many powerful offensive magic spells. He was going to use offensive spells as a defense and get through Shaarawy’s three strikes.

“I choose him.” After a moment of silence, Collina made his decision. He pointed at that fresh-looking, middle-aged man who always had a vague smile on his face, and this man was thin and had a long braid behind his head while short hair on the top and sides of his head.

Rodrigo Palacio, a young lord of the Inter Milan Empire.

Compared to people like Pato and Shaarawy, Palacio whose nickname was [Wind-Chasing Wolf] achieved new height when he was older. He was from a poor family, and he had been a traveling warrior when he was young. He hadn’t been famous back then, and his life wasn’t enjoyable. Later, Palacio showcased impressive strength and saved Emperor Moratti of Inter Millan during an assassination attempt from a political enemy. From that moment on, Palacio was greatly valued, and his status skyrocketed.

Out of the four remaining young lords, Palacio was less famous, and his aura seemed weaker as well, making others feel like he was the weakest among these young lords. That was why Collina picked him.

At this moment, only idiots wouldn’t pick the easy target.

Even though Collina’s speech was heroic and passionate, he still made the best decision when faced with death; it is human nature.

Palacio’s expression didn’t change at all.

As if he had anticipated this, this man with a long braid behind his head lightly moved to get ready, and he appeared beside Collina in the next second without saying a word, leaving an afterimage at where he was standing before.

Then, dozens of shadows and phantoms appeared around Collina, attacking this execution oracle together.

Such speed!

Two battles almost start at the same time.

Fei had been observing this from the side with cold eyes.

Since Pato and other three young lords appeared, Fei lost interest in the actual battles. Instead, he started to observe these five most talented warriors from the Central Region.

Pato, Milito, Palacio, Cassano, and Shaarawy… these five people were the martial gods in the minds of billions of warriors in the Central Region. They were like idols who were worshipped by many.

On the List of Young Lords, all five of them ranked higher than Fei. Their names were passed around like wind, but it was rare to see them in person.

Now seeing them for the first time, the king had to admit that famous people all had talents.

[Little Pharaoh] Shaarawy was violent yet valiant like a burning fire; [Ice Lord] Pato was haughty and unreachable like an iceberg; [Prince] Milito was heroic, broad, and dull yet powerful; [Wind-Chasing Wolf] Palacio was cold and fresh like a gale; and [Strange Being] Cassano was unpredictable.

These five people were all at the top in terms of strength and presence.

Only these true masters who were proud, confident, and a little arrogant dared to directly face off the mammoth-like Holy Church.

In the last while, it was heard that these people all died under the hunt of the Holy Church, and Fei felt a little pity toward them.

Now, it seemed like these talented young lords only faked their death to deal with the Holy Church.

If Fei weren’t wrong, the word ‘we’ that frequently appeared in Shaarawy’s speech didn’t only represent these five people; there should be an even more terrifying force behind them.

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