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Hail the King Chapter 985.1

Chapter 985: Pity? Not Toward You (Part One)

Fei had a vague idea about the whole situation; he felt like this trap here today was set up a long time ago. Also, it shouldn’t be one of these five people here who set up this trap; there must be a super-intelligent strategist behind all this, making plans.

Perhaps, this trap was only a small part of a much grander scheme.

This was why Fei wasn’t willing to join in and participate.

When the world was in chaos, the entire world would become a giant chessboard. Then, lords would become chess pieces, and most intelligent people would become the players. These people were typically logical and cold, treating everything as objects and commanding people without real care. Fei knew that his strength wasn’t insane enough to stay clean if he joined this game. Perhaps he would only become a chess piece and be a part of a suicide squad. He wouldn’t be able to dictate his life, and he might bring Chambord into an unpredictable swirl of chaotic ruin.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud explosions sounded from the two battles, and it was deafening.

On top of the lake, Pato and the other two young lords from the Central Region were not nervous at all. It was clear that they had 100 percent confidence in their peers, and they believed that they would win the battle against the execution oracles. Therefore, instead of observing the battle, they focused their attention on Fei.

To them, Human Emperor Alexander of the North was one of the most famous young lords in the Northern Region, and he was someone on their level. Since Fei could rival them and was qualified to join them, it was much more important for them to observe Fei compared to checking out the two battles that weren’t too exciting.

This was these young lords’ first-time seeing Fei as well, so they treasured this opportunity and observed.

“So, you are the Human Emperor of the North?”

Suddenly, Cassano out of the three people asked this question with a bright smile on his face.

This young lord of the Central Region was known for his strange personality and unpredictable behavior, and he showed that here without holding anything back.

While he asked the question, he looked at Fei up and down in curiosity. His behavior was a little over the top, and he didn’t hide his interest in Fei while showing the provocation.

“You are right.” Fei nodded, and his expression didn’t change.

“I heard your name when I was in the Central Region.” Cassano walked over with the smile on his face, and he continued, “I heard that you can battle really well, and it is said that your iron fists are unrivaled. You are born with great physical strength, and you can wipe out mountains and directly pull ancient peaks out of the ground. I had thought that you are going to be a terrifying burly man full of muscles, but you are actually not that buff and look quite handsome; you are only slightly uglier than me who has the title of the [Most Handsome Man in the World]! Tsk! What a surprise!”

“Puff-!” Fei almost spat out his drink, and he thought, “The most handsome man in the world? Cassano?”

In all honesty, it was hard for Fei to put an equal sign between these two.

It seemed like this young lord who had a strange temper was a bit narcissistic. After all, his looks… eh, were only not ugly.

Behind Fei, a few maids already covered their mouths and giggled; they couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Seeing Cassano’s ‘performance’, Milito who was extremely silent lowered his head, and his lips twitched unnaturally. Pato who had a noble presence tried his best not to slap his forehead, and he turned his head sideways. It seemed like Cassano’s peers had it tough since they had to endure this on the regular.

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