Chapter 986: End of the Battles (Part One)


[Little Pharaoh] snapped his fingers.


A mass of purple flames suddenly shot out of Henning’s mouth while he was whining in desperation.

Next, something even more terrifying happened.

Purple flames started to shoot out of Henning’s eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth. The flames looked devilishly beautiful, and they looked like the tentacles of demons, gushing out of all the openings on this fat execution oracle’ body. As if he were set on fire, Henning was engulfed by flames, and nothing changed regardless of how he screamed and struggled.

Internal combustion!

The fire of life inside Henning’s body was ignited!

Shaarawy’s realm was named [Purple Heavenly Fire]; it was like a nation of flames. This young lord controlled the purple flames that could burn through everything, and the purple flames could burn at any location, including inside his enemies’ bodies.

Inside this realm, the fuel for combustion was everywhere.

If [Little Pharaoh] wanted to, he could ignite everything in his realm.

After less than 20 seconds, Henning, who was struggling and trying to fight back, stopped moving; he was completely quiet.

When a breeze blew by, it fluttered Henning’s godly robe.

Everything inside Henning’s fat body was burned into nothingness, but his skin, pores, brows, hair, and even clothes were completely intact; no one could find any traces of burning or any scorch on the surface of Henning’s body.

Shaarawy’s control of fire reached the peak level!

Looking from afar, it seemed like the 11th Execution Oracle of the Holy Church was still alive, but only a sheet of human skin remained.

“Holy power of the god! Please give your loyal servant the courage to battle! Holy Power Realm!”

At this critical moment in the battle, Collina didn’t dare to hold anything back.

With a roar, Collina suddenly removed all the magic shields around him, and a soft, moonlight-like glow radiated from his body; it contained indescribable, horrifying power.

It was the power of a realm.

This execution oracle who was ranked high on the list was a demi-god.

Although Palacio was extremely fast, he was still engulfed by this white realm of holy power.


Palacio wasn’t sure when, but Collina took out a whistle-like music-style combat weapon; it was at least at level 7. When Collina blew it, a series of sharp, ear-piercing noises resonated in the area, capable of tearing people’s souls.

Clearly, Palacio’s body shivered when he heard this noise.

At this split second when Palacio was defenseless, Collina suddenly shot out a giant, orange, rectangular token, and this token shined a light on Palacio like a flash of lightning.

This giant orange token contained a mystical law of the realm, and it instantly froze Palacio and took away his ability to dodge.

In the next moment, Collina waved his hand, and his strength increased by more than 100 times inside his realm. He instantly condensed more than a dozen [Swords of the Gods], and they turned into flashes of light and dashed toward Palacio.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Palacio just got away from the freezing effect that the giant orange token cast on him, and he was accurately hit by the [Swords of the Gods]. His body shattered into millions of pieces as if a porcelain doll were hit by a hammer, and it was a tragic scene.

A slight trace of joy appeared on Collina’s face.

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