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Hail the King Chapter 986.2

Chapter 986: End of the Battles (Part Two)

However, his face changed color in the next moment; it was evident that he discovered something.

Collina quickly flashed and turned, calmly dodging a streak of lethal saber energy that came from nowhere. Although he wasn’t injured, his godly robe was cut open by this saber energy.

As a response, Collina injected a lot of energy into his combat weapon, and ear-piercing noises sounded again.

Inside the soft white glow, eight of Palacio’s shadows appeared around Collina; the [Swords of the Gods] only destroyed the afterimage that Palacio left.

This [Wind-Chasing Wolf] was indeed fast; he was faster than what the human eye could capture. Even supreme masters couldn’t instantly detect his whereabouts.

Pew! Pew-pew-pew!!!

The sharp, high-pitched noise could tear through everything. Inside this white realm, it sounded like the scream of the angry gods, and it could destroy anything.

While the whistling noise rang, almost all of Palacio’s shadows were greatly affected, and they popped like bubbles. Only the figure to the west seemed firm, and he only lightly shook before his face paled; he was about to escape.

“There he is! His real figure!” Collina was elated.

Without thinking, this execution oracle raised his hand, and another giant token flew out.

This giant token was as red as blood, and it contained even stranger power. As if it were able to track down the enemy on its own, it flew and chased after that figure like a bloodthirsty mosquito. Regardless of how that figure flew and dodged, this giant token quickly caught up and attached itself onto him.

The power of this giant, red token was also greater!

As soon it attached itself to anyone, this person could no longer move, and the warrior energy, magic energy, and defense abilities would all be sealed. Like someone who was robbed of everything they had, even a supreme master would be as defenseless as a child.

Collina waved his hand, and five [Swords of Gods] shot out again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This time, Palacio was knocked back, and it seemed like blood dripped down his body.

“Hahaha!” Collina laughed hysterically, “This time, you are dead for sure… huh?”

Before he could finish shouting, something unexpected happened. Collina suddenly sensed chilliness from his waist, legs, and throat.

Then, a cold voice sounded beside him, “Sorry to disappoint you.”

“You… not… dead… you?”

Collina was terrified, and he suddenly realized that he couldn’t even talk properly. The chilliness in his neck intensified, and he reached out his hand and touched his neck, instantly feeling a warm and moist sensation; it was his blood.

“I’m not dead, so you must die.”

Three steps away from Collina, a series of transparent ripples appeared in the air, and Palacio who had a braid slowly appeared from the ripples with a calm expression. He still had that faint smile on his face; it seemed like this young lord didn’t feel any excitement, and killing a demi-god was no different from killing a chicken to him.

“You… how… inside my realm… how… come you are not affected…”

The vitality of a demi-god sure was strong. Even though three vital parts of his body were injured, and Palacio’s blade energy invaded his body and shattered all Collina’s core energy and life energy, this execution oracle could still talk.

However, this was the case of terminal lucidity; Collina wasn’t far from death.

Palacio didn’t respond, but a faint green light flashed on the surface of his body.

Collina’s eyes opened wide, and he instantly understood everything.

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