Chapter 987: How About I Take You as My Master? (Part One)

It turned out that Palacio was also a demi-god!

His control over his green light realm was on another level; he could cast it and alter its size at will. By applying a thin layer of his realm around his body, Palacio was able to cancel out the power of Collina’s Holy Power Realm. Also, with his insane speed, he could turn into 100 phantoms easily.

This young lord repeatedly showed weaknesses to lure Collina into attacking, making the latter believe that he had won.

As soon as Collina dropped his guard, Palacio sneak-attacked and took the victory.

One could say that Palacio used this series of psychological tactics smoothly. Without a doubt, he was an experienced young lord who came from the bottom of society and went through many trials and tribulations to get to where he was today.

“I see… hahaha… hahaha! My life is not wasted by dying in the hands of another demi-god. God! I can finally return to the embrace of the stars!”

As soon as Sixth Execution Oracle Collina said that, Palacio’s saber energy in his body exploded.


Collina’s body exploded, and he instantly died.


Fei and Cassano’s fists collided, and their energies exploded in the air.

“Wawawa! Damn! Your physical strength sure is impressive!” Cassano shouted as his right arm turned completely red under the vibration power. In this split second, it was clear that Fei’s physique strength was much stronger than his.

However, [Strange Being]’s main focus was on agility.

Cassano only took half a step backward, but he somehow appeared before Fei again before he could finish speaking. He pointed out his index finger and middle finger, and he slashed them out like a sword. Instantly, a streak of sword energy dashed out, and the golden chilly light suddenly flashed like lightning bolts, targeting hundreds of vitals points on Fei’s body; it was extremely lethal.

“Great!” Fei shouted his praise.

In rumors, [Strange Being] Cassano was known for his delicate movements and combat techniques. Although he looked and acted like a ‘strange uncle’, his talent as a warrior sure was impressive; he was the most agile, unbounded, and high-spirited young lord!

Today, Fei encountered Cassano for the first time, and he could tell that the rumors about this young lord were all true.

This simple sword technique cast using two fingers looked soft, but sword spirit was everywhere. Like a lotus that was slowly opening its petals and blooming, this technique was delicate and shot out many real and fake sword energies; it was a stunning scene.

Fei used his brute strength to crush all techniques. With just one of his fists tightened, the king unleashed a bit of his insane physical strength, destroying all the misty and foggy sword energies.

Cassano laughed and followed up, striking out with his fingers ten times, and all of them landed on the same spot on Fei’ fist.

Fei laughed as well as he sensed that a streak of sharp sword energy invaded his body. Those ten streaks of sword energies merged into one and broke Fei’s bodily protective energy before piercing into his skin; it got into Fei’s energy channels in his body. However, that was the furthest that it got. Fei unleashed a bit more energy and instantly shattered the combined sword energy.


Fei’s fist collided with Cassano’s fingers, and they both slightly shook.

While laughing, they both pulled away for about five meters.

True masters can detect if others are also masters.

Although the two only exchanged about five strikes, they got a good understanding of each other’s strength; they knew each other was a rare and challenging rival.

Further away, both Pato and Milito were surprised.

As friends, they knew how terrifying Cassano was.

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