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Hail the King Chapter 987.2

Chapter 987: How About I Take You as My Master? (Part Two)

The terrifying aspect of the sword finger was the murderous trap hidden under the fancy appearance. Once Cassano’s sword fingers tied down an opponent, the latter would feel like they were in a surging ocean, and the waves were going to get stronger and stronger. Almost all Cassano’s opponents couldn’t get out of it; it was like a trap that was cooking frogs in warm water.

Using this battle style, Cassano had defeated many enemies who were stronger than him in his life.

However, the Human Emperor of the North easily shattered the murderous trap in Cassano’s sword fingers with his insane brute force while laughing; this was these young lords’ first time seeing this level of physical strength.

“Hahaha! You sure are as strong as the rumors had said! You have insane physical strength!” Cassano’s interest in Fei piqued. After he rolled his eyes, he suddenly thought of something and said, “Hey, how did you achieve this? Can you teach me?”

Fei was instantly at a loss for words.

Cassano obviously got the wrong idea. “Could it be that your cultivation technique is a secret? How about this? How about I take you as my master? Can you teach me?”

Then, this young lord who dominated in the Central Region kneeled in front of Fei and started to go about the formal procedure of taking someone as a master and teacher.

“Master Alexander, please accept Disciple Antonio Cassano’s three bows…”

“WTF?” Fei quickly moved away and dodged, and he thought, “What the heck is this? Directly kneeling like this? Damn! Where is the honor of a young lord? Man, Cassano, where is your dignity? Did a llama eat it?”

Fei had heard that Cassano was a strange man who did things the unconventional way, but he only laughed about it and didn’t think too much. However, now he knew that the rumors weren’t far from the truth.

“Man, you are kneeling and taking me as your master after we exchanged a few strikes? Cassano, do you lack masters this bad?” Fei thought to himself.

“Huh? I’m being truthful. Alexander, please teach me the technique that can increase physical strength.” Cassano’s expression was very serious; people couldn’t tell if he were joking.

Fei moved and dodged repeated, not wanting Cassano to finish the ceremony. At the same time, the king looked at Pato and Milito, hoping that these two young lords would step out and stop their friend from messing around.

However, Pato covered his forehead with his hand and said, “I’m going to check out Shaarawy’s battle.”

The silent Milito’s heart lurched when he saw Fei looking at him, and he turned around and fled. He murmured, “How come Palacio is still not done? I will go and check…”

Fei was speechless.

It seemed like Cassano’s peers were all ‘tortured’ by this man who seemed to lack something in the head, and they were scared of this situation.

Fei raised his hand, and a vast amount of invisible energy forcefully helped Cassano, who was still kneeling, to stand up.

“Ah? So, you accept me as your disciple?” Cassano ran up shamelessly.

Fei rubbed his head and forced himself to hold back the urge to punch this guy away. After thinking for a bit while being at a loss for words, he said, “I don’t dare to take you as a disciple; that will make you and your peers one generation below me. How about this? I have a technique that can increase your physical strength. Just… treat it as a gift. We can be friends, right?”

From the bottom of his heart, Fei did like this childish man.

The king could tell that this man who had a beard held no ill-intentions toward him. Others said that [Strange Being] was reckless and willful, but Fei believed that childish was a better word.

There is a certain type of person in the world. Regardless of what their actual age is, their mental age increases very slowly, just like Zhou Botong in the classic wuxia novel ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes.’

These people didn’t have any bad intentions; the most that they would do were harmless pranks.

While Cassano listened attentively, Fei slowly recited a technique that could increase one’s physical strength. It was a body-tempering technique that belonged to the God Clan in the Mythical Era, and it was recorded in [Demon King’s Sword].

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