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Hail the King Chapter 988.1

Chapter 988: We Are Brothers from Now On (Part One)

This technique named [Righteous Lord of Body] had a tough condition; only a peak Burning Sun Lord could cultivate it. However, the masters who reached this level were all proud; why would they turn to cultivate a body-tempering technique? It was like telling the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company to start new and build a local small business. Therefore, in the late stage of the Mythical Era, this technique was gradually lost.

However, in this era where people’s bodies were much weaker compared to the races that dominated the Mythical Era, this technique could make many warriors fall over themselves trying to obtain it.

Fei wanted to create a good relationship with Cassano since his impression of this man was great. Therefore, he didn’t hold back and told [Strange Being] the cultivation method and the tips; he didn’t alter anything.

“Ah! Splendid! This is amazing! Excellent!”

Cassano was on the List of Young Lords, so his vision and comprehension were on another level. As soon as he heard the technique and the key points from Fei, he knew that this was an amazing technique, and he was so elated that he clapped his hands and danced.

When all the different techniques were cultivated to the peak, they would boil down to the basics.

Cassano was known for his delicate movements and combat techniques, but he was lacking in terms of physical strength, and it had been troubling him for a long time.

For all these years, Cassano had been trying to reduce this shortcoming, but he wasn’t able to do so. One factor was that he was more talented in speed and an agility-based combat style, and the other factor was that he lacked a good body-tempering technique.

The body-tempering techniques on the continent were all low-tier. They were useful for Star-Level Warriors, but they were meaningless for a supreme master like Cassano.

For any master, if they wanted to aim for the supreme godly throne, having a clear shortcoming in one’s martial system was a crucial setback.

However, completely different from Cassano, the Human Emperor of the North had a unique warrior path where his physical strength was insane.  Although he didn’t cultivate warrior energy or magic energy, the king’s physical strength was powerful enough to rival those two energy forms; this was no longer a secret in the circle of supreme masters. As a result, many people estimated that the Human Emperor of the North obtained a unique body-tempering technique.

This was why Cassano couldn’t hold back and wanted to test Fei as soon as he saw the king.

This childish man wanted to see if Fei’s physical strength had reached the peak realm, just like the rumors had said.

After the brief practice battle, Cassano knew that the rumors were all true, and he couldn’t hold back his desire for Fei’s cultivation method. The good thing was that despite his recklessness and willfulness, he was a righteous man who never resorted to evil practices. Therefore, he grabbed onto Fei and wanted the king to take him in as a disciple so that he could learn this technique the proper way.

Now hearing Fei teaching him everything there was to know about the [Righteous Lord of Body], Cassano waved his arms and jumped around like a monkey; he was too excited.

When Fei finished teaching, Cassano calmed down and stood still for one minute as if he became dull; he only woke up after the explosions from the battles further away startled him.

This young lord of the Central Region who was known for his pranks and his attitude of not taking things seriously put away his playful smile, and he bowed at Fei three times with an earnest expression as he said, “Thank you, Alexander. From now on, you are my brother. Regardless of what you need, I, Antonio Cassano, will help you without hesitation, even if it is torturous!”

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