Chapter 988: We Are Brothers from Now On (Part Two)

Fei was pleased, and he thought, “I have been waiting for you to say that! This man sure knows what is going on!”

After Cassano bowed, the two looked at each other and laughed; their appreciation of each other was shown through non-verbal cues.

When they finished laughing, Fei looked up and was surprised. He wasn’t sure when, but Pato, Milito, Shaarawy, and Palacio were standing not too far away and looking at them.

It turned out that the two battles were over a while ago, and Execution Oracle Collina and Execution Oracle Henning got what they deserved.

“We heard long ago that the Human Emperor of the North is a grandmaster and created many cultivation techniques, raising more than ten saints himself. Now seeing this, we know that the rumors are true,” Shaarawy laughed and sighed.

He still looked aggressive, but his attitude toward Fei turned from appreciation to admiration.

The battles were over when Fei was half-way through teaching Cassano.

Seeing Cassano almost dancing over here, the four’s curiosity was piqued, and they slightly listened in. However, they were stunned by the delicate technique. After listening to Fei explaining the technique for a few seconds, the four young lords felt like they were back to when they were young and listened to their masters’ lectures.

These four were all proud masters, and they had strong discipline. After listening for a while, they knew that the Human Emperor of the North was teaching Cassano a rare body-tempering technique that could be listed as a Mythical Technique.

The four young lords looked at each other and put away their playful attitude. Then, they stood further away and temporarily cut off their hearing in the case that Fei misunderstood them as stealing.

“This crazy Cassano sure got lucky today!”

Although these four young men moved away, they couldn’t help but think back to the portion of [Righteous Lord of Body] that they heard. The genius of this technique was hard to describe. To supreme masters like them, it felt ticklish as if tens of thousands of kittens were lightly scratching their hearts

For a moment, the four looked at Cassano almost in ‘jealousy, envy, and hate’.

“Mr. Shaarawy, that is an overstatement.”

Hearing the praise from a young lord, the king’s vanity was greatly satisfied, but he still had to act humble on the surface.

“Hehehe,” Shaarawy suddenly laughed cunningly and said, “Alexander, seeing what Cassano got, I’m a little tempted to practice with you. Hehe, how about we have a practice match as well?”

Before Fei could respond, Shaarawy dashed forward and punched out while purple flames gushed out.

“Eh…” Fei didn’t know what to say, and he could only raise his fists to respond.


The two fists collided, and terrifying power splashed into the area. Instantly, purple heavenly flames engulfed the surroundings.

On the side, the four young lords looked at each other and flashed, guarding the main battlefield from four sides. Then, they slightly released their power and created an invisible energy sphere, blocking all the residual energy that was spilling over from the battle of the two masters. This way, the lake, surrounding forests, the Chambordians, and the demon beasts on the south side of the lake wouldn’t be harmed.

“Hahaha! This is thrilling!” Shaarawy laughed, “Now, we can battle without holding back!”

Seeing this, Fei was also no longer worried about the effect that this battle was going to have on the surrounding areas. Without holding back, energy fists bloomed like golden lotuses and battled Shaarawy’s purple heavenly flames.

Both preferred the close-range, violent combat style, and their battle was like an iron pot meeting a metal scrub.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Space shattered, the ground cracked, heavenly flames fell from the sky, and the soundwaves looked like dragons.

After they exchanged ten strikes, both laughed heartily and backed away for about ten meters

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