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Hail the King Chapter 989.1

Chapter 989: Perfect Martial Dao (Part One)

For masters on this level, they all knew what each other was capable of. If they really wanted to see who was stronger, they would need to open their realms and battle for real.

However, Fei and Shaarawy were only having a practice match, so it wasn’t necessary.

Shaarawy laughed and looked at Fei; his expression made him look like a ‘sorrowful woman’.

This young lord glanced at Cassano and looked at Fei with ‘love’, and he said shameless, “You know what is up.”

Fei instantly started to sweat profusely and almost fainted with white foams coming out of his mouth.

The king thought to himself, “Damn! Shaarawy, where is your dignity? This is too shameless!”

However, seeing Shaarawy’s big eyes that were filled with water, Fei thought for a moment and had a decision.

“Shaarawy, the Martial Dao you are after is violent and explosive. The damage of your attacks is terrifying, and the purple heavenly flames are powerful and could melt through everything in the world. From the angle of damage, you are unrivaled, but…” When it got to this point, Fei stated his view without hesitation, “Cultivation focuses on the balance of Yin and Yang. The dominating techniques that purely go after high damage will injure the opponents but also the practitioner. I’m afraid this technique has left some hidden injuries in your body that are hard to recover!”

Hearing Fei’s words, the five young lords from the Central Region all got serious.

What the king said was all true.

Shaarawy was cultivating this technique named [3,000 Burning-Flames Scroll], and it was a top-tier Mythical Technique. Its damage was unrivaled, but its drawback was just like what Fei stated; it was too overbearing, and it would harm the enemies and the user.

This technique as like [Seven Injure Fist] that Fei created long ago; both injured the users before harming the enemies. After all, [3,000 Burning-Flames Scroll] was a Mythical Technique, so its drawback wasn’t as severe as [Seven Injure Fist].

Throughout these years, Shaarawy cultivated [3,000 Burning-Flames Scroll] to level 8, reaching peak Burning Sun Realm. As a result, he accumulated some hidden injuries, and he had to cultivate another wood-elemental warrior energy to suppress those injuries.

Although these injuries were still minor and didn’t affect anything in normal situations, this weakness would be exposed if Shaarawy were to battle a powerful enemy. Besides, these hidden injuries were obstacles on Shaarawy’s future cultivation path, hindering the maximum potential that [Little Pharaoh] had.

Usually, it was impossible for others to see through the weakness of a Mythical Technique, and only the people who were closest to the practitioner might know it. However, the Human Emperor of the North only exchanged ten strikes with Shaarawy, but he already saw through the shortcoming of this Mythical Technique. It sure was shocking for the five young lords.

“Alexander, do you know any methods that can mitigate this?”

Shaarawy was only joking before.

However, as soon as Fei pointed this out, Shaarawy instantly asked that question. Then, he added, “Your Majesty, don’t worry. I’m willing to trade you with anything if this problem can be resolved.”

Hearing this, Fei was feeling lucky.

Things were developing toward a direction that the king was dreaming about!

“Brother Shaarawy! You are making it too transactional!” the king said ‘heroically’, “I do have one technique that I created when I was bored, and it should mitigate the issue that you have with your technique.”

Then, the king recited a secret technique and its key points.

In reality, this was a small technique named [Three-Sun Bless-Bringing Scroll] from the Mythical Era. It didn’t have any offensive abilities, but it was great at helping warriors nurture their bodies and heal hidden injuries.

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