Chapter 989: Perfect Martial Dao (Part Two)

It was heard that a powerful demon warrior created this technique. This demon warrior who was on the level of god cultivated a powerful technique that focused on damage, and he accumulated many hidden injuries. Therefore, he rested and concentrated 100 years of his time on creating [Three-Sun Bless-Bringing Scroll], completely healing the hidden injuries in his body. In the later war between gods and demons, he shined in battle and was unrivaled.

[Three-Sun Bless-Bringing Scroll] was recorded in [Demon King’s Sword], and it piqued Fei’s interest when he first read it. Therefore, the king was very familiar with it.

Soon, just like Cassano, Shaarawy started to swing his arms and dance like a madman.

After Fei completely taught [Three-Sun Bless-Bringing Scroll] to Shaarawy, the other four young lords on the side were so stunned that they felt numb toward all this.

Pato who was the most prideful among them had to admit in his mind that this king of a little affiliated kingdom located in this remote location was unique and could bear the name of Human Emperor of the North.

“Great! Hahaha! With [Three-Sun Bless-Bringing Scroll], I can heal all the hidden injuries in my body! It goes well with my [3,000 Burning-Flames Scroll], and it is equal to giving me a second chance in the Martial Dao! Your grace is no different from letting me experience rebirth!”

Shaarawy was so excited that he didn’t know how to thank Fei.

After thinking for a while, he felt like none of the gifts could express his gratitude. Therefore, he copied Cassano. He earnestly bowed at Fei three times and said, “Your gift to me is beyond words. I, El Shaarawy, swear with my honor! From now on, I’m the King of Chambord’s brother! I won’t hesitate at all if you need anything!”

Fei was very pleased, and he almost drooled out of excitement.

Of course, the king couldn’t show this on the surface.

He bowed back at Shaarawy and clapped their hands together to finish the ceremony. Then, they looked at each other and laughed.

However, this wasn’t the end of it.

Perhaps the king stepped on Blacky’s pop this morning; his lucky was beyond this world! It felt like even the Goddess of Fortune pulled up her dress and teased Fei by showing the king her beautiful legs.

After Shaarawy thanked Fei, Diego Milito who had been silent unexpectedly moved to Fei’s side and got into the combat position before saying, “Please.”

Even the silent and most considerate [Prince] couldn’t hold himself back after seeing what Fei was capable of.

For supreme masters like the young lords, it was hard to find an opponent who could rival them and also spot the shortcomings of their Martial Dao. Since they ran into Fei who was like a monster in their eyes, they weren’t going to let this opportunity slide.

Milito also wanted to know what area he was lacking.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Milito focused on the use of giant swords, so he instantly revealed his weapon without holding back.

Fei also summoned a double-handed sword from his storage ring and swung it as fast as lightning, battling [Prince] without hesitation.

For a moment, the loud, sword-colliding noises resonated in the sky, and the eye-piercing sparks flew everywhere.

Milito’s Martial Dao was the most reasonable out of everything that Fei had seen in this world. This man didn’t try to use the sharpness of his blade and delicate techniques to win. Instead, his sword was dull and heavy, and he focused on his presence and power level when fighting.

Like the most advanced computer algorithm, even though Milito’s moves were simple, they were perfect without a weakness. His movement completion, smoothness of warrior energy flow, and control of the tempo were all top-tier.

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