Chapter 990: Not Leaving Until Everyone is Drunk (Part One)

While battling Milito, Fei tried many different combat styles.

Using brute strength? It wasn’t effective. [Prince] Milito’s Martial Dao centered around strength, and he wasn’t inferior to Fei since this man unleashed 100 percent the strength in each of his strikes every time like a robot!

Using speed? It couldn’t work as well. This young lord of the Inter Milan Empire was conservative, and he would rather not make a mistake than seize all potential opportunities. Even though Milito’s speed was slower than Fei’s, his defense was perfect without a weakness. Each of his strikes and moves connected seamlessly, completely making up for his disadvantage in speed.

This man was very calm, stable, and reserved; it could be said that he was impeccable!

After switching multiple combat styles, Fei still couldn’t find a way to completely counter Milito; it seemed like this man’s Martial Dao didn’t have any weakness.

Pato and the other three watched intently and felt like this practice battle was an eye-opener.

It was rare to see someone like Fei who seemed to have an unlimited number of combat styles that he had completely mastered. After all, there is a limit to how long someone can live. To achieve the greatest strength, most people pursued a single combat style. It was believed that more was less since it was almost impossible to master many combat styles at once. Therefore, the true masters only had to build up their style and make it into its best, final form.

The King of Chambord was a monster who didn’t abide by this common law.

“Huh? What is going on with Milito? He… he showed a weakness!”

Suddenly, Shaarawy looked shocked; he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The young lords watching were stunned by this scene! After the Human Emperor of the North switched to a simple-looking combat style, Diego Milito, who was known for his calmness, zero weakness, and seamless connection between movements, suddenly showed a clear weakness between two of his moves as if he suddenly got fatigued.

Although it happened in a split-second, it was enough for true masters to end the battle.

This mistake shouldn’t occur on Milito who solely focused on achieving the perfect Martial Dao.

“What happened?” the three young lords thought to themselves.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

After a series of metal-colliding noises and explosions, Milito suddenly retreated and put away his giant sword.

[Prince] was silent, and he looked like he was thinking about something. Fei and others didn’t speak or make any noise, afraid that they would disrupt this young lord’s train of thought.

After 15 minutes, Milito appeared to have understood something, and he said, “I see. In this world, there is no such thing as the perfect Martial Dao. All perfections are only illusions. Not all weaknesses are lethal. And when used properly, the weaknesses can be turned into opportunities. Your Majesty, thank you for your advice!”

Fei smiled and didn’t say much.

Milito’s Martial Dao was terrifying. However, anything that pursued perfection too much would in turn become imperfect. Nothing in the world is perfect, and it was the same for Martial Dao.

Fei used a shifting technique recorded in [Demon King’s Sword]; it was similar to the technique named [Qian-Kun Grand Shift] which was famous in a classic wuxia novel. The king used this technique to alter one of Milito’s movements, and the connection between the movements gaped a little and resulted in a weak point.

Just as expected, when Milito realized that his movements weren’t as perfect as he thought, he was no longer that confident, and he was suddenly in a disadvantage as if someone cast a magic spell on him.

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