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Hail the King Chapter 990.2

Chapter 990: Not Leaving Until Everyone is Drunk (Part Two)

Although Fei didn’t teach [Prince] any techniques, he pointed out the biggest weakness in Milito’s ‘perfect Martial Dao’. Therefore, the benefit that Milito got from Fei wasn’t less than what Cassano and Shaarawy obtained.

“If you need anything, I will help without condition.” Milito wasn’t talkative, but he gave a solid promise.

A silent man like Milito rarely talked, and anything that he said would be guaranteed; he would never go back on his words.

With this promise, Milito saw Fei as one of his closest peers, just like the other two young lords who battled Fei.

Cassano and Shaarawy looked at each other and smiled.

Out of this group of young lords, Milito was the oldest and held the most prestige. Although [Prince] was usually silent, everything he said was concise and key. Now that he said these words to Fei, it meant that everyone in this small team of young lords became the Human Emperor of the North’s friends.

Cassano and Shaarawy only had a short encounter with Fei, but they felt like old friends. Right now, they were happy for Fei. After all, it wasn’t easy to earn Milito’s acceptance.

Now that even Milito showed his stance, everything followed seemed within the bounds of logic.

[Wind-Chasing Wolf] Rodrigo Palacio didn’t feel embarrassed, and he walked to Fei with his signature smile and bowed. Then, he got ready and said, “Your Majesty, please give me advice.”

After one hour, Fei battled with all five young lords from the Central Region.

In the last two battle, Fei found that Palacio excelled in speed, but this man lacked strength and damage. Once he encountered defensive opponents who could put up ‘turtle shells’ around them, Palacio’s speed would be useless, and he would be at a disadvantage. On the other hand, Pato was a well-rounded talent, but his physique was naturally weaker since he was born this way. This condition limited his potential on the path of cultivation.

Today, the king spent a lot of resources and gifted these people with precious techniques.

To help Palacio and Pato, he offered them two techniques that could improve their shortcomings. They were all taken from [Demon King’s Sword], the martial encyclopedia of the Mythical Era.

From Fei’s view, the techniques were all items, and they were useless if he kept everything to himself. However, talented people with virtues were hard to come by.

Fei had a great judgment of people and could see through them. Although the king only met these five young lords from the Central Region today, he could tell that they were heroic figures who were worthy of his friendship. Therefore, he tried his best and used several top-tier techniques to get close to them.

“Hahaha! We were only here today to kill those few mad dogs of the Holy Church, but we unexpectedly ran into Your Majesty. It sure is a great fortune! Hahaha! This place has mountains, a lake, and forests; it presents a great scenery. Only like-minded people can become good friends; it sure is great to run into you. Let’s drink here and not leave until everyone is drunk!” Shaarawy laughed and took out the precious liquor that he had been collecting from his storage ring, and he suggested in excitement.

“You took the words right out of my mouth!” Although Pato looked haughty and cold as if he rejected talking to all people, he seemed to have changed into another person when Fei got close to him; he was now really passionate. He threw his arm around Fei’s shoulder and laughed while speaking to Shaarawy, “In the last while, we had been chased by the mad dogs of the Holy Church, and we hadn’t gotten the chance to have a nice meal. Hahaha! Today, with Alexander here, we can all have a taste of your precious liquor!”

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